Sunday, May 31, 2009

Plane Trip....

I'm here safe and sound at the Rents house this morning. Had a wonderful night last night with all three of my brothers. We sat around a fire they built and just laughed and talked til I couldn't keep my eyes open any more. My stomach muscles hurt this morning from all the laughing and yes, I am counting that as an ab workout!
I had just about the best plane ride ever yesterday. I started to get worried when they assigned us seats before we boarded. I got an isle and really needed a window. I like to look out the window when we are taking off and landing. I feel I am helping the pilot fly. heeheehee. My seat mate walked up and since I am so nice I offered to move over so he could have the isle seat. He didn't speak much English and I am ashamed to admit when he appeared confused I told him it was all right, smiled my biggest smile and moved on over. Crisis averted and I was able to help the pilot get us off the ground. When we were air born I looked over at the man seated next to me. He had earplugs in and his eyes were closed. He slept the entire way and never once tried to talk to me. It was Heaven! He totally understood the "Rules Of The Air" which are no talking to Dawn as she is trying to read her Oprah magazine and look out the window every time there is turbulence so she can help the pilot stay on track with the amazing powers of her Jedi mind control.
When we landed he got up right away. I was able to be off that plane in under 5 minutes flat. I took my time getting to baggage claim and guess what?? I was the only one on that tiny crop duster plane that checked luggage. I didn't have to wait for five zillion bags to be unloaded. Mine zipped right out and I went outside to see my brothers a-waiting for me. I even had time to get a Starbucks.
Ahhhhhh spoiled me yesterday and for that I am extremely grateful.

Off to Wake my Uncle Jack and hold my daddy's hand as he says his last goodbyes.
Hope everyone out there is safe and happy. Kiss your loved ones.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Road Trip...

I had a great blog post planned for today. I have a quilt finished....a sweet coffee story....something Boo-Bear said that cracked me up...and a story about a guy who came to fix our bathroom. He walked up to the house smoking a cigarette. He put it out but left it on top of a wooden cabinet I have placed oh so pretty on our porch. heh.

All of these have to wait. My dads brother died. I am leaving on a jet plane really early tomorrow so I can be there for the wake. No funeral, just a wake. As my dads family is German and has no Irish or Scottish in them I fear there will be no shouting of "Cheers to Uncle Jack!!" while having a little shot of sumpin sumpin. The only way to get through a wake if you ask me.

So, I'm off to be there for my dad. And I'm taking a crop duster so if you could light a candle for me tomorrow morning and maybe do a chant that I get there safe and sound I'd really appreciate it!
Now go and call all of your uncles and tell them you love them!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

International Festival Of Food....

This weekend there was an International Food Festival at the Convention Center.
What's not to like about a festival totally devoted to food I ask ya??!
We took the youngest with us as the other two are feeling grown and were having lives of their own that night. heh.

I seem to have taken a lot of pictures of the Irish men in kilts...they are my people you know. I may also have yelled out "Jesus Mary and Joseph" a couple of times so that they could see I was one of them.

See, again with the men in kilts thing I had going on. My daughter asked what I was doing and I explained to her that I was taking pics of mah peeps. That I was half German...quarter Irish..and quarter Scottish...and yes I can hold my liquor thank you very much but no, I didn't share that little tid bit with her. :)
She then asked if we could go get some pics of her peeps with her new digital camera she got on her birthday. I said sure, thinking she would want me to grab a kilted Irishman for her to stand next to. Or a robust German...even maybe one of the Scots that were standing around the beer area. Umm no. My dirty blond haired, blue eyed baby walked over to the African booth. "Hello, I am of your people and my name is Boo Bear. Ignore the hair and eye color thing I have going on and ummm yeah, ignore the skin tone as well. I am working on that. Just know that I claim the Zulu as my own and get yourself over here so I can take a picture with you."

That's my girl............. Jesus Mary and Joseph.

I took pictures of her with her camera so do not have any to load on here. I think the man from Nigeria was puzzled with why she was so thrilled to be over by his booth. He must not have recognized her as the African Princess she strives to be.

After we hob-nobbed in Africa my husband spotted these two guys....

Tuskegee Airmen. Oh yeah. The Major (giggle giggle giggle!!) was in Heaven. He walked over to shake their hands and to tell them that because of what they went through he was able to become a Major a couple of days prior. Three happier men you couldn't have found in the whole place.

They were were really happy for him and signed the poster we bought. This is where I left my hubby....cause I was unable to pry him away from their stories of long ago and my daughter was getting antsy thinking that maybe there were people in the Africa Booth she hadn't met. This was causing her much worry and angst as all Zulu's must be met and silently looked at with worshipful awe.

I found this little lady while eating my bratwurst from Germany. She was quilting. She was lovely.

Ohio, you may just make me like you yet.

The Cake...and a very fashion forward 12 year old.

This is the great saxophone cake we had made for Boo-Bears party last weekend. Was it good! She had no idea what cake we got for her and oh my goodness her reaction was even better then I'd hoped for. :)

Here is my baby blowing out her candles wearing her part-ay finery. She had spent the night at a friends house...she had a sleepover party...and I got her home 20 minutes before the first guest arrived. I was running around the house doing last minute things when I happened to look out the window and spotted my girl in a tie dyed t-shirt...stripped pink gingham capri's...and her hair. Good gracious. I guess it was in a pony tail. I just sighed and went about my business.

I had the cake to help me get over her fashion sense.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Oh my week.

Let me recap for you all out there...

Our daughters birthday bash on Saturday. Around 20 hungry, giggling, screaming, bouncing, candy eating girls descended on me. The saxophone cake was a huge hit. I took pictures, yes, and will upload it on here later to show you it's wonderfulness.

Sunday: Cleaned up after the almost 20 hungry, giggling, screaming, bouncing, candy eating girls.

Monday: Day of rest.

Tuesday: Hubby had surgery on his eyes. He didn't have Lasik. Nope. He had the more painful but much more workable for his eye astigmatisms PRK.

Weds: Taking care of husband. Drops every two hours. Big huge bags of medicine. Pad of paper on the dining room table to keep track of everything.

Thursday: Think about drugging up husband good and proper and then sneaking off to see Terminator. Get found out by angry children who told me (yeah, they really did) that I should sit on the couch and think about what I was about to do. Didn't go to movies after thinking about what I was about to do. Secretly did not feel bad about wanting to see Terminator and almost drugging the hubby with extra pain meds. Did feel bad about being found out.

Friday: Still taking care of husband and his bag o' drugs and having to clean house and do a mass of laundry.

Oh, in between all of this I totally redid our backyard patio area. Planted 4 tomato plants and a bunch of herbs on one side and a bunch of marigolds on the other. Complete with small wooden gate-y things lovingly placed in a 4 inch ditch I had to dig on my hands and knees. Think wild back yard with weeds up to the kneecaps now transformed into a lovely oasis.
I am now officially calling myself a gardener.

I also worked out two days this week. Yep. I am woman hear me roar. I am off to tackle this laundry and start my clean up.

Have a wonderful three day weekend everyone!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Turning 12...

Our very own little Boo-Bear turned 12 last Thursday. Today is the big birthday bash. She has been planning this party for months. She wanted a bouncy...a scavenger hunt...and she wanted to invite every girl she knew. What did I say??


Today I will have anywhere from 10 - 25 girls here. What do I say to that??


Pray for me int-net. Just pray.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Someone must die....

You know those blog posts where mothers wax poetic about their love for all their children?? You do?? Well let me tell you.....this is not that kind of post.

OMG mornings with my youngest!!!! There is not enough coffee in the world to dull the pain known as she and I in the morning. Seriously, water boarding has nothing on her.

This morning we had the doozy of all fights. Want to know what it was about?? WATER!!! Yes my friends, I fought with my daughter over a glass of water. More specifically a glass of water that she kept telling me she neeeeeded. She didn't just tell me....she kept yelling "Mom!! Oh Mom!! Where are you mom with my water?!?!!!!"

People. Oh my gosh people. Each time she yelled for me AT 7 FLIPPIN AM!!!! I thought surely this would be the last time. That she would know she was oh so close to being shipped to China. But no. She is nothing if not persistent in her torture. The fifth time she yelled for me I actually levitated from my hiding place. Yes, I was hiding from her. Sad I know but we do what we must in times such as these and sitting on my freshly made bed with laptop on lap was the only thing keeping her alive at the moment.
As I opened the door to the sewing room, where she was on the treadmill getting her half hour in, my head actually popped off. It really did. Well, okay, not really, but I think I scared her with the crazy eyes a'la Jonathan Rhys Myers cause she stopped in mid yell and started to try and explain why SHE WAS DRIVING ME CRAZY IN THE MORNING YET AGAIN!!!! You know, it's funny, my voice sounded high yet low all at the same time. I think I even gritted my teeth when I told her "STOP CALLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER SAY MOM AGAIN!!!!!!!!" Ahhhh yes, the love of a mother knows no bounds.
Now we are in our respective corners. She is in her room getting ready for school and I am in my room waiting for her to go. I think I may have a headache. And an ulcer.
Isn't it 5 o'clock somewhere??????

Friday, May 08, 2009

Blogging Friends.....

Blogging is so much more then putting thoughts and ideas out there in the world. You actually can make friends with people you've never met. People who pray for you....who worry with you over kids and husbands (or wives)....people you do the same for. I have a couple of bloggers in my cyber life I consider friends. People I would excitedly hop on the plane to go see if my husband would win the lottery already and keep me in the life I could easily become accustomed to. These three ladies would be at the top of my list.

Tracey read that my birthday was a-comin and sent me some goodies all the way from Australia. She is an artist who makes cards, calendars and magnets from pictures of her life. In her spare time she quilts...raises chooks....takes care of her family....helps to run her farm.....and is in charge of making sure that people who lost everything in those terrible fires have a quilt to warm not only their bodies, but their souls. She has opened up her home to collect donated squares from all around the world. Round these parts we call her Saint Tracey. :) Thank you my friend for thinking of me on my special day.

On to the wonderful Chocolate Cat. She shot me an email a couple of weeks ago asking for my kids real life names and how to spell them. Of course I told her...also told her our home address and all of our social security numbers cause I am nothing if not trusting! heehee

Look what she had made for me! I have worn it every day and when people ask me where I got it with wonder and awe in their voices I tell them from my dear friend who lives in Australia. Ms. Chocolate Cat is also helping Tracey with the quilts going to people who have suffered in the fires. She was raising some chooks as well as but her dog decided they were his personal play things and may have chewed on a couple.

Are you getting that there are some pretty special people living in the land down under??

Yep. There are! We have been emailing back and forth for awhile now asking each other all kinds of questions about living life in different countries. I tell her exotic stories about American Idol and she tells me all about living over there. She is special.....and hands off America! I saw her first!!!

For awhile I had been seeing a name I didn't recognize in my comments. I checked to see if the person had a blog and nope, no go. No email either. Hmmmm. I was curious so sent out a note on the blog for her to contact me so we could share secrets and become bestys. You know what?? She did!!!!! And for that I am oh so glad.

Today when I went to the mail box I saw a package. I may have squealed when I saw her name on it. I opened up the box and saw presents. Could this card be any cuter??!

And hello!!!! Look at this masterpiece of wonderfulness!!!!! When my youngest came over to look at all the goodies I may have karate chopped her and told her hands off.

Also, you know someone totally gets you when they send you a book mark. I pink puffy heart book marks and may have gotten teary cause I felt so fortunate and loved. You guys out there in blogland are the best!!!

I have a secret to share. Shhhhhhhh don't tell, but I have always wanted one of these hearts. Always. When I see them on other blogs I may have a twinge of the jealousies. Just a twinge, and I'm not proud of it but there it is.

So can you imagine how happy I was when I opened this in the box??!!!

For those of you out there that are wondering what wonderful things Mascanlon does...she is in charge of fixing global warming and just yesterday took care of the whole stimulus package mess on her own. :) You go girl!!!

Seriously you guys....thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! You rock and made my turning 40 extra specially nice. :)

On mothers day and be-heinies!

As I was taking the 16 year old to work today I noticed she was a tad grumpy. I asked her what was wrong and she proceeded to tell me that she has stress and angst. (okay I made up the angst part but what teen isn't filled with angst at 16??) The reason she is feeling all glass half empty is because she is saving for a trip to see a good friend this summer....saving for a car...her sisters birthday next weekend and the holy grail of holidays is this Sunday. What?? Don't know what the holy grail of holidays is?? It is Mother's Day ya'll!
In an effort to help her with at least one of those problems I gave her some hints as to what a certain mother in her life would luv luv luv for Mothers Day. She looked worried cause the last time I mentioned a gift I wanted more then life itself it was the quilt frame. I told her not to worry cause this gift would only cost around $10!!!! I told her to buy me a ticket to a movie on Sunday. Then get with her brother and have him buy me a ticket to a movie after that...also on Sunday. The youngest can hop on the bandwagon as well and buy a ticket for a movie after that.....yep, on Sunday. The hubby?? He can buy me a large popcorn and large soda so I can refill them all day long. After my speech and much sighing and saying Nirvana...sweet sweet Nirvana, my daughter said "are you really serious?? You want to sit in the movie theatre all day long??" I told her yes indeedy and I even know what movies I want to see! She, I am sure, was on pins and needles to hear what those movies were and since I am now a mature woman of 40 probably thought I'd want to see Foreign Films or something. I swear it's like some days they don't even know me at all. I am the woman who saw Twilight three times...okay 5! Yes, 5. Edward totally had me at "How you doin!"

Here are my movie pics in order of importance:

1. Star Trek...cause yes my inner 12 year old nerd loves her some Spock! and some Dr. Bones.....and who can resist Scotty?? I'm a mother not a hermit!! (heeheeheeheehee)

2. Wolverine...Hugh Jackman bears his heinie...can there be anything better in a dark movie theatre with a large popcorn and a large soda then some Hugh Jackman heinie?? What!!!??? You know you want to see it for that reason too!!!

3. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past....Matthew McConaughey, nuff said.

I do not want anyone to go to the movies with me. My hubby (note to hubby...I really don't care about Hugh Jackman and his heinie...really, I don't) falls alseep. The 16 year old asks questions during every movie. The 11 year old will probably get scared and want to sit out in the lobby and the 19 year old wants to see deep movies with a message like The Soloist.

Also, moms out there...we go to church on Sunday and I really really really don't want to pretend to be hungry at 6am (is it just me that feels like that???) cause that's when I have to eat their breakfast lovingly prepared so we can make it to church. I love my family. Lord knows I do, but trying to eat eggs and bacon and toast as soon as my eyes open without any coffee to fortify my loins makes me weak in the knees!!!
I would love to just get myself ready without the 11 year old whining at me that her leg hurts...her toes hurt...her tummy hurts....her hair follicles hurt...she may expire any second...all to stay home and sleep longer instead of getting her Jesus on. I would like to be taken to Starbucks where I can order a Grande Caramel Macchiato from Barista Boyfriend Will (his name is not really Will, this is just my nickname for him ever since he told me that "Girl! Love your earrings!!" I fell in love with him on the spot and am working up the courage to ask if I can call him Will and will he call me Grace) also, along with the coffee I want to get an apple fritter.

These are the secret desires of my heart. I plan on leaving hints all over the house. Lets see if it works. Wish me luck!!!!
Viva La Hugh Jackmans Heinie!!!!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

I've been cranking out the quilts on the new frame! Here is a dress quilt that I made. I finished it this afternoon. It is from the book Quilting With My Sister (found the book Lise!! :) )

Each dress is hand appliqued and then I tried to get creative with the sashes.

This is a quilt I made for Boo-Bears teacher. I plan on giving it to her at the end of the school year as a thank you. I may have posted about this one before but since I have no memory (yes, my children have sucked it all away) I figured I'd put it out there today.

This quilt is for a special someone in my life. Can't say who in case she's reading this. She has a bunch of quilts around her home, I wanted her to have one from me. :)
K, that's all I got for today. I'm off to watch my most favorite show, Lie To Me. Love that show!!!!
Have a nice night everyone!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What do you do when your hubby is having one of the biggest days of his life and you have promised yourself that you will take pictures to capture this moment for him...forever?? Of course you get all caught up in the ceremony and the wonderfullness of it all and leave your camera in your purse.....and you also don't take pics of when you surprise him with a visit from his Nana aka The Person He Loves Most In The World cause then you would be arrested for taking pictures in a secure area.

What to do???? If you have a Jen in your life then you are set!
Jen came with camera in hand and took all these pictures for us. I cannot tell her thank you enough!!!
First up is the flags that were in the front of the room.
Pa-retty snazzy!!

The woman smiling in acute happiness is my mother in law. I think we grinned at each other all day long! heehee

After a couple of speeches about how great this all was it was time to pin on his new rank of Major. The Son took one side and I took the other. The hubby just stood there looking very nibble-able and proud.

His mother and Nana got to put the ummmmmmm I think the correct term would be the Clamp Thingies on The Pokey Thingie.

Here are mah girls waiting their turn.

It takes a village to pin a Major.

This is the swearing in of the new rank. Yeah, I was looking for some tissue round this time.
In case anyone out there is wondering if it was a happy day, we have this picture.
(Totally my favorite moment of the day Jen!!!)
Yeah, a good time was had by all...a special thanks to my daddy for driving 7 hours in the car to come for the ceremony. You da' bomb diggity!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

The Promotion Ceremony....

It is official. My Capt is now a Major! He had his promotion ceremony last week. As a surprise I flew his grandmother should have seen the look on his face! I couldn't take any pics of it cause where he works has a bunch of classified stuff and they don't allow cameras. Bummer.
His mom also flew in as a dad drove up...a friend of his from 20 years ago drove in...and My Ya-Ya, Jen, and family came. It was awesome!!! There was pomp...and circumstance....his speech was a tear jerker.....we had cake....there were about 402 trips to the airport...we had dinner was perfect in every possible way. I was able to get one picture before the ceremony started and then got caught up in it all. Yep. Bad blogger, I know. So now I'm back baby!!! I've got stuff to say! I just need to clean my house and get started on this massive laundry pile. Our dryer broke last week in the midst of all the company. When the repair man came and opened it up he called me in to look at the lint build up. I can only say OH MY GOSH!!!! He had me call maintenance so they could flush out our dryer vent. It took them 30 minutes to get past the clog. That's how full it was. I am very thankful that we did not have a fire. Seems a little bird has had a nest in there for awhile. heh. Stooopid nature.
Thank you to everyone who hung in there with me during these three weeks of absence and sent me emails to check up on me. A special thanks to Chocolate Cat and Ozcountryquiltingmum for sending me some wonderful pressies on my birthday. I am going to put pics of those on soon as I can get some of the clutter put away.

I'm off to start my Monday. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!!!