Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Crazy Found Me Here!

It was getting close to lunch time and as I had my "cute" on and the hubby had yet to shower I decided to hop in the rental car and take the girls out. We needed to get out of the hotel. Needed! N.E.E.D.E.D.
We got directions to Apple Bee's and headed out. We get seated in our booth and hear some people laughing. We look out the window to see what they are laughing at and see ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm how do I describle this??? We see a man. Wih boxing gloves on and long shirt. (he really should have had on a shirt too. Can you say muffin top???)He also had on high top sneakers that have seen better days and a green headband on. His hair hadn't been combed in days and he had a 10 o'clock shadow. He was doing this walk/jog thing while punching the air full of holes with his boxing gloved hands. As he jogged on by our window he looked at me. I looked at him. He knew that I totally understood why he was dressed the way he was and why he felt the need to share it with the people at Apple Bee's and smiled. Then off he went. Slowly punching...slowly jogging. I heard the faint sounds of the Rocky theme song.
The crazy has found me here.
Thank God.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Okay, here is our back story. The hubby decided last week that enough was enough and to heckydarn with Customs...he was buying some plane tickets and was coming to Chicago to pick up me and the girls. He gets into town, with The Son in tow, without luggage. The government would only book him a ticket to Ohio with a layover in Chicago. If he wanted to stay on a longer layover who were they to say anything?? This is what he decided to do. The only problemo was that the airlines declined, ever so nicely like they are known to do and would not let him pick up his bags in Chicago. They sent them to Ohio and gave him 48 hours to pick them up. When did they tell him of this time limit?? 1 day ago. They were gonna send his stuff to a holding area in Chicago! yeah Chicago...and he would have to go to the airport in Ohio! yeah, Ohio, and fill out paperwork to have the bags sent to us. Would they let him pick up the luggage in Chicago. No. That would make to much sense.
Fast forward to yesterday. We get the call from the airlines that we had a day to get ourselves to Ohio or else. Can you say stress?!?! I had to do laundry, clean up our mess at the Rents' house, pack, ummmmmmmmmm rent a van cause ours is STILL ON A BOAT IN SEATTLE SITTING THERE COLLECTING DUST and can we talk about the cost of renting what they call One Way?!?!? Oh my goodness!! It cost us $180 a day to rent that van. Why?? Why you ask?? Cause we were only going One Way. Whew. Within hours we get on the road with the three kids...the dog...and one very unhappy cat. Who cried. Who cried himself silly for 5 and a half straight hours. Oh, and he used the bathroom in his crate to let us know how unhappy he was with the whole sit-ee-a-tion. Gotta love his determination.
We are here now. We are here in a lovely hotel.
Can we now about the people in Ohio for a sec. They are lovely and I think I may just fluffy pink heart them. Being one half of an interracial couple I soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo appreciate being able to walk down the street without causing an accident due to people doing a double take. Yeah, it still happens. My peeps in Ohio?? soooo lovely and helpful and un-stare-ee. I thinks I'm gonna like it here. :)
We saw our new home today. Just the outside cause they weren't able to let us in. We don't get to go in til Monday. When we get the keys. Yeah, move in day. I did the next best thing and peeked in the windows. My new lawn needs some water and a little TLC. The kitchen is really small. Really small. I am going to set my mind and call it "cozy." Otherwise I think it's a go. :) I'm gonna make it a go. The neighborhood is really nice. I think I saw a couple of possibles....friends that is. Cross fingers and knock wood. I've had some lovely chicken wings and a couple of really good ribs. I am all about the food folks. Also, more importantly...THERE ARE SIX QUILT STORES IN MY AREA!!! I feel the need to support my quilt store owning sistas. I will need to check them out as soon as possible.
Okay, that's all I've got in me tonight. I'm exhausted. I'm gonna go to bed. Night all!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Troubles with luggage and cars and hotels...

I'm leaving in 5 minutes for Ohio. I'll be offline for a bit trying to get settled in a hotel. :) Send some warm thoughts our way folks!! We are having trouble getting customs to release the van....the men's luggage got diverted to Ohio and we only have til noon tomorrow to get it....hoping our hotel takes pets!!
Please miss me!!!!! And say some prayers we make it in one piece!!! And ummmmmmmmm feng some shway my way!!!
bye everyone!

Monday, July 28, 2008


He's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is here!!! The love of my life flew in on a jet plane this afternoon!!! No more separation round here folks!!!

Sigh. HE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very very happy wife

again, sigh

Sunday, July 27, 2008

here it is!!!

And there you have it!!! A real live tattoo on my person!!!

I need to think of a really good name now that I am of the Tat-People. :) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I think I've just now, this very moment, broken through the barrier of what I will and will not blog about.
I have arrived. I am blogger hear me roar.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Dream.....

11 years ago there was a girl, she had a dream. It was a simple dream really. She wanted a tattoo. Tastefully done mind you but a tattoo all the same. She struggled with the hows and the whys. The shoulds and the should she nots. She also wondered if it would hurt like holy heck-a-ma-darn. Today this young woman found out. (no one better laugh at the "young woman" part either!!! I'm young dog-gone-it!!!) Today this woman went and got er' done. She is without her husband. He is not the boss of her BUT before she makes any life changes to her person she always likes to check with him first. Since he has not seen her or her person in almost 5 weeks he was putty in her hands. The idea of his bride with a tat intrigued him. He gave a non committal "do what you want" and then he sort of snorted.
That is a sarcastic kind of laughter for all of you not up to date on your Capt Speak. He did not believe she would go through with it. That snort said to her "ooooooh yeah, surrrrrrrrrrrrrre you'll go and get've only been talking about this for 11 years. bwahahahahahaha isn't the poor wittle baby girl afwaid of needles??" That small single snort stuck in her craw. She decided to sleep on it.

She woke up this morning full of the possibilities only a brand new day can bring. What to do?? Where to go?? Who to go with?? She got all cutified with her brand new sassy haircut to make sure she would be ready for whatever life had to throw at her. Then, her hands came across the yellow pages of a lone phone book. What were they looking for?? Her fingers went, of their own violation, to the letter T. She perused. She perused some more. Her eyes looked down. There it was. A tattoo parlor. The girl sat and looked at the phone number. She thought about how much it would hurt to get it done. Did she really want one?? The wild-child inside of her awoke and pleaded for release. The momma in her resisted. A war began. She went to close the book and go on with her day when she remembered the snort. The one her husband did. The wild-child roundhouse kicked the momma in her and for once got to run free and unencumbered. She looked for her own mother and asked her if she would go with and hold her hand. A dream, long wished for, was about to become real.

They pulled up to the tattoo parlor with the song Born To Be Wild as their anthem. The girl walked in. A tattoo parlor is not for the faint of heart. She got nervous. The momma in her awoke and asked her to think about it again. The Wild-Child inside of her said to go for it. This was something she wanted to do. No, it probably doesn't make sense for a 39 year old woman...a quilter...a momma....a church going get one but dag-gone-it, she wanted it. She'd always been the good girl...cept for those couple of years in High School....yeah, cept for those.
Could she do it?? Would she? She gave a man named Snake a picture. The discussed the why's how's and how much. She listening quietly to his speech peppered with four letter words. He asked how big. She told him small. She told him it was her first time and she was a little nervous. He consoled her with a few more 4 letter words thrown in for good measure. She looked at her mother and they smiled at each other. She was going for it. After 30 minutes of Snake drawing the tattoo and putting it in the designated spot she was prepped and ready.

Another man we will call The Pony-Tailed Guy told her that he would be giving her the tattoo. She was all "but!! But I've already bonded with the Snake guy!!" No one cared about her bonding with the tattoo people issues. He told her to sit in the chair and not move. She was all "but!! but!! I don't get any privacy??" He told her they don't hide anything here even her bare back. Then he began. As that needle.....that was as long as a forearm by the way, touched her back for the first time a couple of four letter words wanted to escape her OWN lips. All she let out was an OH MY GOD and a WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW OW OW. Her mother told her to breath in her nose and out her mouth. She pursed her lips and dug her feet in for the long haul. By this time there was a small crowd watching her and one woman who came in to get a large tattoo promptly changed her mind when she saw the faces of the quiet girl. She went smaller....then smaller still.

no, she was all kinds of happy and felt a little After 15 minutes she was done. It wasn't a big one...just something for her. She had done it. She had really done it!!! OH MY GOD SHE HAD DONE IT!!!! WHAT HAD SHE DONE???? heeheeummmm well flirty and dangerous to tell you the truth. As they drove home they pulled up next to a very tatted man with writing all over his neck. The girl rolled down her window and said "scuse me!!!" He looked over. "Hi! I just got a tattoo as well." then she grinned, knowing he would understand and that they would now be BFF's and he would invite her to all the parties and hey! maybe she'd get a motorcycle next and a thong!! He grinned back at her and said, very eloquently, "Oh Yeah?" She said "yep!" and grinned again. She was wild. She was free. She was woman hear her roar. Then he grinned at her again and she noticed he was free of a couple of teeth. At that time the light turned green. She and her mother drove off into the sunset....faintly, ever faintly, the surrounding people heard the sound of Born To Be Wild and looked after the girl with admiration...and I think, a touch of envy.
The End.

A New Blog Name!!!

So my good friend Walker Jen ( came up with a great name for the ole' blog........

G'Owens on Round Here.

LOVE IT!!!! Total play on the last name. I am gonna make some minor changes on the blog and then see if I can change my name without loosing anything. Cross your fingers for me!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

a new name....

Next week we will be in Ohio. Yep! My men have had enough of being away from the wonderfulness that is me and got them some plane tickets! Yeah!!! They will be here Sunday.We are having the van diverted to St. Louis instead of waiting til goodness knows when for them to release it. Somebody (hate them!!) didn't fill out their paperwork correctly so the WHOLE shipment will sit there until they can get a hold of him to fix it. Yeah. It will sit there til then. Sheesh! Anyway, the Capt decided enough was enough and is coming to get me. Cue the hallelujah chorus ya'll!!
So, since I am no longer having any adventures in Korea I needs me a new name for the ole' blog. I've been thinking about his forever and have come up blank. What do you all think??? I needs me some help. Here are some of my ideas...

The life and times of me
My life...or something like it

You get the idea. Anyone out there got any other ideas?? I'd really appreciate some help here internets!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm gonna blow! (not a post for the Rents' to read)

Dear Customs Officer,

Hello. My name is Dawn. There seems to be some misunderstanding on your part as to when to release the van. Let me clarify things for you.

The van came into port two...count them...TWO weeks ago. It is just sitting there, doing nothing but waiting for my hubby to come and collect it. I understand that you have a job to do and do not appreciate it when people call you a pinhead. Even if that's totally what you are. I'm just saying.

I can give you my word that there are no drugs being transported in the van. Nope. No drugs. Nor any bombs. I spend to much money on fabric to waste a penny on drugs or bombs. In light of this new information I am sure that you can, in good conscience, release it tomorrow morning so that my hubby can pick it up and get his cute little behinny in said van and drive to get me. I must tell you, in confidence dear Sir that if I don't get a kiss from my hubby soon...well let me just say that there will be some trouble. I don't know what, but there will be some. My legs are shaved...I have a cute rockin new hair cut, some cute new clothes...ooh note to self; go to mall tomorrow and get something tantalizing from Victoria Secrets.....can you see the state I am in?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I am a woman with needs, sir, NEEDS!!!! I have been without my cute lil' hubby for almost 4 weeks. Do you think the internets want to read about my needs?? No, they do not. Alas, it is all I can think about so here I sit. Posting about them. Partaking of a small (heehee) cranberry and vodka cocktail. Sighing over my hubby. I am warning you Sir, I am a woman on the edge and I'm not afraid to blog about it. I mean have you met my hubby???? He's a hottie. (insert flirty giggle)

Hmph. Consider this your last warning.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A conversation...


My Girls saying one to another: If we don't make any sudden moves she might not notice you think grownups eat their young??


Middle Daughter: Mom?? Do you think maybe you are freaking out a little bit??


I come out a few minutes later and announce that I have "been visited" Yep, I got my ......
The volcano of PMS has erupted...burned itself out.....I am now at peace though a tad bit crampy.

Middle Daughter: Thank God.

A fair...

Last week we went to a Renaissance Fair in Wisconsin. This thing was HUGE!! The whole premise is that you step back in time to a day in a town when it was visited by Queen Victoria. There were hundreds of actors, in costume and in character all the time. It was really cool. This guy walked over to me and told me his name was Juan Carlo something something and then he held my hand and kissed it a bunch of times. Yeah, I giggled like a girl and then melted all over the floor. :)

Here he is again... :) heeheehee
There were wood nymphs.....

Spider people making their webs...


And really cool statue-people that would move every couple of minutes. If you sat next to this one she would slowly grab you and then you would have to sit really still til she decided to let you go. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cool but none of us was brave enough to try.

Boo Bear was brave enough to do this though.

Here is another wood nymph...

Oooops...there is Juan Carlo again...teehee giggle he has grabbed Boo-Bear to dance with him and this tart-lady trying to steal him from me...hmph!

How did he get in here again??? (giggle)

If you ever get a chance to go to Wisconsin and see this fair you must go!!! There were rides...all hand beer...ladies a a flirting....lords a lording...and the queen comes out twice a day to walk around with all of her court. Sigh. It was just like out of a book.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Dear Woman Who Wore a Lovely Pink Thong.....

Honey, just because you wear a thong......and have the shape to look good in one...does not mean that you can show the world at large said thong when you bend over. Yes, most men drool and await with baited breath hoping against hope that you will pick up something from the bottom shelf so they can see your under-things. Women on the other hand, well, it makes us want to key your car. If you like your paint job then I suggest you just


Thank you,

Man in Car...

Dear Mr. Man in Car I saw after I dropped my mom off at work,

What is it about your boogers that make them so tasty for you?? I just don't understand the attraction. Also, did you not know that I could see you?? Did you not see me gagging and then laughing and then gagging some more?? Just because you are in your car does not mean that you are behind a force field of invisibility. Really. No Really. We all could see you. What if I was trying to eat a yummy Dunkin Donut or say a very yummy sandwhich from Burger King?? How could I enjoy those lovely stolen calories after I saw all of that?!?!?! Can I say to you...EWWWWWWYYY!

Side note to hubby: Dear hubby...I was totally not eating anything from Dunkin Donuts or from Burger King. Nu-uh! Not me!! I was chomping on carrots. Yep, carrots and ummmmmm celery! Yeah! Carrots and celery!

Back to Man in Car: Please don't ever do that again. If you must...I mean really must partake...then wait until you are home. Draw all the blinds, lock all the doors and then.......well, actually, not even then.

The End.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I got nothing folks...nothing funny at all....sigh. Someone needs to help me bring back the funny.

I am still here at the Rents' house. Monday is the start of week 4. The van has been sitting in a crate for over a week on a dock in Seattle. The hubby and I are waiting for them to release it so he can pack up and head on to get me and the girls. It's been 22 days with the Rents' and thankfully.....amen baby Jesus...thankfully all is well. We've been to movies, book stores, lunched, dinnered, coffee'd, sigh (cue the hallelujah chorus) malls galore, a Renaissance Festival and the zoo. I will upload pics tomorrow as it is a day of nothing. :)

Such is the busy life of a military family in moving limbo. I keep imagining our new home in my head. The colors I want to paint walls. How I am going to decorate my cute little front porch area. All those kinds of girlie things. We've seen a picture of the front of the house and can I just tell you how incredibly excited I am to see that I will have bushes out front and that the house is red brick!!!!!

Monday the van should be released...fingers crossed!!!....and then The Son and the Capt will get a few things done to it and be on their way a day later. I miss them more then you know. The other night I was laying in bed and got hives all of the sudden. As I was itching and tossing and turning Middle Daughter started laughing. She says to me "Mom! You are so freaking out!! Dad really needs to come soon." Amen sister girl. Amen. Then I made her slather "itch be gone" cream all over my back for punishment. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

A day...A week...A month...A year

Waaaaaay back when...when the hubby and I were just dating, I had to move away. From California to Sicily.
Yeah, that far.
My dad was in the Air Force and 5 days after I graduated High School I had to say goodbye to this boy I loved more then life itself. I still remember the night we said goodbye, vividly. I had to drive back to our hotel. Alone. I almost didn't make it. It still ranks up there with the top 10 of THINGS THAT HAPPENED IN MY LIVE THAT TOTALLY SUCKED. I remember I had this pain in my chest. I physically hurt. For weeks. I couldn't even cry, or talk mostly for days. It was bad. It took me a year to work my way back to him and then another couple of months for us to get married. Just goes to show that if you are meant to be with someone and are willing to cross oceans to be with then...well it can be done.
Why am I writing about this you ask?? My son. He is going through the same thing I promised myself that none of my kiddos would have to go through. He had to say goodbye to the love of his life a couple of weeks ago cause it was time for us to move back to the States and she is going off to college to be a doctor. I feel so bad for them. They are going to keep in touch and since she will only be 7 hours from where we live they will be able to make use of the Greyhound bus like no one else's business. Now he does have it easier then we did. There is Internet for one thing...and cell phone's....and Vonage. Let us not forget to bow before the holy grail that is the Vonage phone. Plus they are both good at keeping in touch with is not what one could say about The Capt. He's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better about that stuff now but walking a mile and a half everyday to the post office to check and see if he had written and coming up empty...well let's just say that it's not my idea of a good time. Hmph!

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

I just know one thing...I'm there for him.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Man oh man am I missing the hubby. He is on the other side of the US waiting for our van to arrive so he can come and get me and the girls. WILL IT EVER ARRIVE??!?!?!?!?!? Sure, staying at the Rents' house is nice and all but lordy do I need my men back. Insert big sigh right here...and here...aaaaand here. There is a website that lets us know where our van is. Right now??? So not in Seattle. It has become an obsession to check every couple of hours. You think that maybe "The Man" who is in charge of the port is messing with me?? Do you think he really has the van but is keeping it a secret to mess with me?? Could I be any more "The World Is All About Me and You Know It"??
I am off to chant now...vancommacomaacomaa to meyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee van commacomma to meyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Ferret Man

So tonight my Dad took me to my Mecca....Borders Bookstore. I love love love to go in a bookstore, look around, pick out a bunch of books and then score a seat. I sit in that seat and read. I am happy there. It is my happy place. :) Tonight while I was reading Jen Lancaster's Book ( her books!!! She is hilarious!!) in a seat away from the hustle and bustle of book-buyers I noticed a man walking rapidly towards me. He had on a looooooooooooooooong black jacket. It was the first thing I noticed. Then I saw his eyes. They were pretty crazed. I have this habit of attracting the weird, which I love cause it makes my days more interesting. So anyway, as this guy whips around corners grabbing books I think to myself "hey, if people suddenly turned into animals this guy would totally be a ferret." Guess where the Ferret Man decided to sit?? Yep. Right. Behind. Me. With all of his 20007 books. He had an enormous pile of books!! He hurries and sits down then starts to talk quietly to himself while I strain to hear. I needed to know what he was saying in case I needed to make a run for it. He stopped talking after about 5 minutes. Then I really needed to know what he was reading. I really needed to know. I mean, was he perusing books on bomb building?? Dinner parties?? Woodworking?? How to bury the people you kill?? What was he reading???????!!!! I tried to be all stealth-mode while I turned around in my seat to get a better look. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd guess who was looking back at me?? If you are saying the Ferret Man you would be correct! I pretended that I had a crick in my neck and stretched saying "Yeah, that's better!" I'm not thinking he bought it cause he hugged all 20007 books tightly to himself and I think I may have heard him say "ssssssssshe will nevvvvvvvver get you my preciousssssssssssssssssssssssss!" It was around that time that my dad came to get me and say it was time to go.
Happy reading Ferret Man!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Being an Auntie...

While I'm at the Rents' house my brother and his family decided to make the trip up here and visit. He's got him a passel of kids ya'll...a passel! 3 boys and a girl. All of em cute as a button. First up we have these two. Twins! Can you stand the cuteness?!?!?!?! Double trouble! Two times the fun!! I could eat these two with a spoon...especially every time the one on the left comes up and says to me.. "you're my Aunt Dawn" and I say "yes love I am" then he smiles and says "you made me my blanket" the quilter in me then melts like butter all over the floor.

This one here?? Oh he's all boy. First one in the pool, last one out and talking about stuff the whole time. I could listen to all of his thoughts for the rest of my life and still want more time to savor the deliciousness. He is simply yummy.

Let us not forget the youngest guy in the fam. Here he is sleeping on his grandpa on a warm sunny day while his brothers play with Boo-Bear in the pool. You know how laundry smells drying on the line?? All soft and fabulous?? Well there is this spot on the back of his neck that smells just like that. I am planning on moving there and never leaving.

And let us not forget these beauties! Middle Daughter and my Niece. Clothes have been tried on, makeup tips have been gone over and hair has been discussed. Cousins are a wonderful thing.

You know what the best part of all this has been?? Amidst all the craziness of having a house full...a cat that keeps trying to escape.....two dogs that can't hide fast enough....some jet lag....the best part is seeing how great of a father my little brother has become. The other night he was holding his littlest one in his lap as he drifted off to sleep, he was having a deep conversation with the boys about life liberty truth and justice for all when I got a little teary. Here was my baby brother...the one who used to hold me down so he could toot on me..the one I fought with like cats and he was..all wonderful. He's turned out to be this caring, loving man and it is so neat to watch.
That has been the best part of all.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I made it!

I made it back to the States.
Exhaustion has set in.
Send letters of love and admiration for all I have accomplished! :)

Yep, I'm at the Rents' house. I made it in one piece and so did the animals and the girls.

The morning of travel started out much like any other. The day was lovely, the bags were put in the car with no problem-o, I had a cute travel outfit on with matching accessories. My daughters were in cute little matching with a bow in her hair and one with a cute clip. We were a go. We get almost to the airport front door and I turn to the Capt and ask if he has our tickets. We turn back around and head home at - warp speed one - to get them. Let the fighting commence. I won't say who was being pissy at this point and time but it tweren't me folks! We get to the airport in plenty of time with tickets in hand. We check the animals in. A few tears flow as I see my dog on the Conveyor Belt of Terror. We get to our seats on the plane and my Boo-Bear is seated next to The Booger Picker and Flicker of Nightmares. Cue the panic on her part. He finally gets all cleaned out and the plane takes off. Fate is trying to hit me with it's best shot. Bring it on fate. Bring. It. On. We get to Seoul after a lovely 30 minute flight to run to baggage claim. I need to find the pets and get them re-checked. Let me say at this point that the Korean people are helpful...and lovely...lovely...and helpful. Thank you Mr. Reading The Newspaper About Our Tainted Beef guy for all your help!! Kisses! The pets were located and re-checked. More tears. Wipe tears and off to breakfast! We eat and head straight to our gate, where we sit for two hours til we can board. As the people in wheelchairs are being put on the plane I send Middle Daughter to the nearest Behind The Counter person to ask if the animals are on board. He ignores her. I get all OH NO HE DIDN'T JUST IGNORE MY BABY and walk over "calmly" to explain the importance of knowing if my dog is safely on board. He pulls us behind the velvet rope of no return, motions for me to hold on and gets out his walkie talkie thus insuring me of his greatness. He informs us that animals are indeed a go and then tells me I can board now.....ahead of first class. Oh yeah baby. I don't know why they let us go first but I gotta tell ya, the other 8 bazillion people who were waiting like cattle to get on board were none to happy. I was a woman traveling with two young girls, two pets, a headache and "Aunt Flo" had come for a visit. I was on the edge and it wasn't gonna be pretty. I got us to our seats....all together thank you fab-u-lus husband...we got belted and I called for a glass of wine. I was told we had to be airborne for the wine drinking to commence. sigh. We got to Chicago after a 14 hour flight. I grab the girls and knockdown old ladies to get to customs before the hoards. After customs we head to baggage claim where I must say.....Toto, we weren't in Kansas anymore and people were rude. I had to climb over about 6 people to get to my luggage. My animals, by this time, had been in a kennel for 20 hours with no potty break or water. I NEEDED TO GET MY LUGGAGE AND GET THEM OUTTA THERE! We still had to find the airport vet so she could look over my paperwork before I was allowed to leave. I had to ring a bell on the wall for the vet. I don't think she appreciated the fact that when she did not magically appear after 5 minutes I got antsy and just held the button down. :) Paper work was approved in 2 minutes and we were free. I ripped off the tape on the dogs kennel, ran her across the street for her to go potty and climbed in my mom's car where I promptly started searching for my Valium. Then the girls and I all high-fived each other cause dog gone-it we had done it! We were women...hear us roar!!!!
Thank you for all your comments of support!!! I love you long time!!!! Today we are going to a small town to shop like my momma taught me. I will take pictures of our fabulousness!!
Peace out my peeps!!!