Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Crazy Found Me Here!

It was getting close to lunch time and as I had my "cute" on and the hubby had yet to shower I decided to hop in the rental car and take the girls out. We needed to get out of the hotel. Needed! N.E.E.D.E.D.
We got directions to Apple Bee's and headed out. We get seated in our booth and hear some people laughing. We look out the window to see what they are laughing at and see ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm how do I describle this??? We see a man. Wih boxing gloves on and long shirt. (he really should have had on a shirt too. Can you say muffin top???)He also had on high top sneakers that have seen better days and a green headband on. His hair hadn't been combed in days and he had a 10 o'clock shadow. He was doing this walk/jog thing while punching the air full of holes with his boxing gloved hands. As he jogged on by our window he looked at me. I looked at him. He knew that I totally understood why he was dressed the way he was and why he felt the need to share it with the people at Apple Bee's and smiled. Then off he went. Slowly punching...slowly jogging. I heard the faint sounds of the Rocky theme song.
The crazy has found me here.
Thank God.


Lauren The Artist said...

HA! He's feeling the Eye of the Tiger for sure. But wait, isn't that what EVERYONE wears when they jog??? ~jen~

Chocolate Cat said...

Doesn't sound that unusual to me!!! sure you don't want to shift here???