Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

Whew! Life is a-busy right now. I got ready for the Rents....and my brothers....they came...they unwrapped...they ate...I took two days to clean up from all the being merry....I took kids stole the batteries to my camera....I'll be back after the New Year.

Happy Holidays everyone. Be safe.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A couple of Christmases ago we started a new tradition. After dinner we head out to see a movie. This year Sherlock Holmes is on the agenda. The hubby is excited....the bros want to see dad is kids are psyched....but guess what?? The youngest wants to see that Chipmunk movie instead. Plus? Sherlock Holmes is rated PG-13 so I'm not to sure she should see it anyway. What to do what to do? The other day she said to me "Hey momma, instead of seeing Sherlock Holmes maybe you and I could see the Chipmunk movie!" Then she grinned at me cause hello! Seeing the Chipmunk movie instead of Robert Downey Jr!! Great idea!!
I saw my husband smile out of the corner of my eye. He was smiling cause he isn't the momma and he gets to see Sherlock Holmes with all the grown up people while I will be trying not to stab my eye out watching the Chipmunks.

Someone better get me a really good Christmas present that's all I'm saying.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


There is a great giveaway going on at the Jolly Jabber folks!! You only need to pick out some wonderful things that you wish for and post it on your blog. Easy Peasy!! Oh, and you have to write a note to Santa letting him in on the whole thing.

Dear Santa,
I was a very good girl this year. Really. I was. Don't listen to the hubby.....he hasn't been himself lately and doesn't understand my need for more fabric. So since I was such a good girl I was thinking maybe I could give you some ideas as to what to put in my stocking this year. See!! I'm "helping" which is what all good girls do. :)

Just look here Santa. Look at the fabulesness that is this fat quarter bundle. It just makes me feel all "sighing" inside.

Or look at this pattern from Bunny Hill....who I adore by the way. I would be ever so happy to have this under the tree. It would keep my hands busy at night while the kids and the hubby have total control of the TV. Not that I am bitter about sharing the TV Santa. I'm not. Uh-uh. Not me. I am a sharer type of girl which is why I should totally have this pattern. :)
Thank You ever so much Santa Clause!!!
Hugs to Mrs. Clause!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter come-eth...

When I took the dog out for her morning walk yesterday this is what our sky looked like.


10 minutes later it looked like this. Doesn't that picture just say "Chicken soup......roaring fire in the fireplace.....warm toasty socks.....candy canes.....getting under a warm quilt and reading a book". The wind was blowing and there was promise of a storm headed our way. People were getting slammed with snow....which means my kids wore their PJs inside out and backwards last night. What?? You didn't know that's how you get a snow day to happen??
This morning I woke up to snow. About an 18th of an inch....but still! Snow! Now I just need to get that chicken soup started. :)

This guy came to visit me and wanted his breakfast today. Sorry the picture is blurry but they sure do move fast. I started to call them before I put food out over the summer. There is a big one that comes running as soon as I call now. It's pretty neat. My husband didn't think it was so neat though when he came home the other day and found the squirrels eating bits of pound cake. Sigh. Does the man not know that even squirrels need a little sumpin sumpin now and then??

Stay warm everyone!!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Trimming the tree......

With The Rents and two of my brothers spending Christmas here at Chez' Owens I finally got around to decking some halls. We'd tried for a solid week to get the tree done but with two kids feeling all grown it was hard to find them all home at one time. Saturday I told everyone to be home or be square and that we were gonna trim the tree. Plus? My OCD was gonna kill someone if all the boxes of Christmas cheer weren't unloaded and put back in the Garage Of Shame where all boxes belong. heh. (True Story: I actually called my mom the next day...when the tree was done but nothing had been put away...I called her while hiding in my room because oh my gosh the boxes!! the mess!! where to start!?!?!?!!! Panic attack panic attack can't breath can't breath. My mom?? Totally rocks and calmed me down. Then I proceeded to unhide and clean. Oh, and I was able to breath again. I should totally do a Xanex commercial!)
Trimming the tree started off wonderfully...sarcasm sarcasm.....I may or may not have said "We are doing this as a family and we are having fun!! Now get up and start making memories dammit!!"

In the interest of full disclosure here is my dining room table. Chock full of stuff. Why do they need so much stuff Intnetz and why do they have to put it on my table???

This guy here was threatened with bodily harm if he didn't put an ornament on the tree. As you can see the dog is the only one who even pretended to listen to me. The son?? Got up and gave me bear hug and thought it all very funny when I gave him the death stare.

This guy?? This yummy bit of fabulessness?? Trimmed the tree like a pro. See those black cases to his right?? Those are just a small sampling of cd's he had to look through to find just the right music to decorate by. Tomorrow I will clean until everything is bright and shiny. Then I'll be ready for Christmas. :)

Have a good one everybody!!


Yesterday when I went to check the mail I was so excited to see my SSCS swap package!!!
The very talented Fiona sent the cutest ornament for our tree and some yummy chocolate. How did you know I love chocolate Fiona?? Oh yeah, I forgot, it's a quilters rule. All quilters must love chocolate. heeheehee
My other present is under the tree waiting for Christmas morning. Thank you so much for your thoughtfullness Fiona!!!! I love the ornament and today?? I also loved the chocolate! hahaha

Saturday, December 05, 2009


The other night my son took his sister...her boyfriend...and a friend out for dinner. 10 minutes after they leave we get a call from our daughter. The car won't start. My hubby gets in our car to go and see what's what. When he got home he tells me that even though there are two young men in the car, when he pulled up everyone was sitting all toasty warm INSIDE of the car waiting for him. The Calvary. Was the hood opened and any discussing going on you ask? No.

Dad had been called and dad was being waited for.

They get the car pushed back to our house and I take a look at my sons dejected face. I do what any mother would do in just such a situation....I call The Rents. (insert hero music here) I tell my mom what is what and she mentions to my father that The Son may be having a bit of car trouble. My dad knew he was a mechanic in the womb. He only needs to listen to an engine to know what needs to be done. Also? Besides being a whiz with all things mechanically he is a Grandpa. Grandpas go where Grandpas are needed. The Son talked to my dad to discuss what to do and even though he lives about 5 1/2 hours away...and STILL has a dad said he'd come and check it out. The next day my dad goes to work.......and then drives to our house....5 1/2 hours away.

I had strict instructions from my mom not to let him look at the car until he'd had a good nights sleep. The next morning....after fortifying him with coffee.....we went out to look at the car. After some discussion it is decided that it needs to go to the mechanical place also known as the car fixer place and have someone hook it up to some thingies and tell us what's wrong. At least that's how I understood it. Pistons may have been mentioned and something called a belt. It was here that all came to the conclusion that I was not going to be a whole lotta help. heh.

So the son put his key in the starter thingy and low and behold the car turned on!!!! No doubt it was scared into submission by my father "Super Grandpaw" I gave my son the death stare aka MY FATHER JUST DROVE FOR A HUNDREDELEVENTY HOURS AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR CAR???!?!!!! and then my dad says not to worry cars do that when the battery is bad and for me to go get dressed (yes, I was outside in my pajamas with bed head. Do not judge me.) he wanted me to go with them and that he'd be buying his baby girl a Starbucks. I know I know....he is swoon worthy.
When we get to the car fixer place they let us know that the battery is bad. Super Grandpaw looked at my son and said "I'll be paying for this" and he whipped out his Discover card faster then you can say I Want Me Some Fabric!! Then he took us out to lunch at Panera......and then he got into his car and drove 7 hours to visit my brother. Content in the knowledge he had done a good job. I think his car may have glowed with all of the goodness pouring out of that man.
We get in the house and my son looks at me. He says. "Wow. Grandpa drove all this way to help me with my car...and then he payed for a new battery." He shook his head and says "He's a really great guy, huh mom."
Yeah son. Yeah he is.

Thanks for coming to the rescue my daddy. I love you more then ice cream!!!