Monday, December 07, 2009

Trimming the tree......

With The Rents and two of my brothers spending Christmas here at Chez' Owens I finally got around to decking some halls. We'd tried for a solid week to get the tree done but with two kids feeling all grown it was hard to find them all home at one time. Saturday I told everyone to be home or be square and that we were gonna trim the tree. Plus? My OCD was gonna kill someone if all the boxes of Christmas cheer weren't unloaded and put back in the Garage Of Shame where all boxes belong. heh. (True Story: I actually called my mom the next day...when the tree was done but nothing had been put away...I called her while hiding in my room because oh my gosh the boxes!! the mess!! where to start!?!?!?!!! Panic attack panic attack can't breath can't breath. My mom?? Totally rocks and calmed me down. Then I proceeded to unhide and clean. Oh, and I was able to breath again. I should totally do a Xanex commercial!)
Trimming the tree started off wonderfully...sarcasm sarcasm.....I may or may not have said "We are doing this as a family and we are having fun!! Now get up and start making memories dammit!!"

In the interest of full disclosure here is my dining room table. Chock full of stuff. Why do they need so much stuff Intnetz and why do they have to put it on my table???

This guy here was threatened with bodily harm if he didn't put an ornament on the tree. As you can see the dog is the only one who even pretended to listen to me. The son?? Got up and gave me bear hug and thought it all very funny when I gave him the death stare.

This guy?? This yummy bit of fabulessness?? Trimmed the tree like a pro. See those black cases to his right?? Those are just a small sampling of cd's he had to look through to find just the right music to decorate by. Tomorrow I will clean until everything is bright and shiny. Then I'll be ready for Christmas. :)

Have a good one everybody!!


mascanlon said...

LOL, boy do I remember those days. Now everyone (well except the son if truth be told,the girls anyway) love to come over and help. This year my tree will look very different though. Each kid had me box up their ornaments last year so they now hang on "their" family tree...its the way I planned it all many years ago but boy was it hard to see it play out!

Michelle said...

Ahhh, family time....At least you tried! The tree looks wonderful!
Love ya girlfriend!

Chocolate Cat said...

Okay I need your death stare here now!!!! The tree is not up and the house needs the 'christmas clean'!!!! Not sure that I will make it yet - glad you will!!!

Johanna said...

I used to rely on my husband to help and then several years ago, decided if it was to get done, it was to get done my way, so I took over everything. I don't have kids, so when the bug hits, the decorating begins. The last few years we didn't put up a tree, but this year we did and my husband assembled it, but I did everything else! :)

By the way, the picture with the basket, I have that same picture down at the lake. :) Good taste and your man does a fine job of decorating! :) Looks great!

Stephanie D said...

For many years now, if it is to get done, I do it.

This year, it's not done yet. Hoping for this weekend!