Saturday, November 03, 2007

Living in a double wide...

When I was in High School I had this friend. My bestest bud. Her name was Missy. Her dad was a Capt in the Air Force and they lived in the coolest double wide you ever did see. I had this secret wish to live in a double wide as well. I used to fantasize that I would win 330 million dollars. Why that amount you ask?? I have no idea. It seemed like a nice round number. One I could live comfortably with til the end of my days. Yep. I'm a planner.
Back to my double wide. I had this baby all decorated in my head. I spent many a night daydreaming about living in it. My living room was white. I remember that. I had a fireplace and my bedroom was something straight out of a Saharan harem. Am I classy or what!!? Much tulle and velvet. Oh, I remember I wanted a bunch of plants. Don't really remember why but I seemed to think that rich millionaires who lived in trailers wanted a lot of plants.
Oh the good ole' days. Livin' in a trailer...a millionaire.
I must admit, I look up double wides from time to time to check them out. I still have a fondness for them. I'm thinking that when I get these kiddos all grown and gone I may have to act on the fantasy. Me and the Capt in a mobile home...I get all tingly just thinking about it!!


Rebekah said...

You sure are "special"! That way you can be the queen of your double wide... like you need a double wide to be the queen! Did I tell you I went to the quilt show? HEE HEE HEE!

Lauren The Artist said...

We'll know you're truly a millionaire if you have many broken cars in the front yard! :) jen

AVIDINHA said...

dawn you ar too funny, you know, they do tripple wides now!

Allie said...

is that not too funny?? I used to want to live in a trailer too, in a trailer park, not even in a double wide...ha ha. I still think they are cute....but would opt for the larger model now!