Saturday, November 28, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!!! Hope your turkey day was as wonderful as our was. :)
We spent the day in Columbus with our friends. Ate a lot of turkey.
We also ate some ham....and green bean casserole.....and rolls...and corn pudding....and cranberry sauce.....and then some more turkey.....and stuffing.....and pie!


I am still stuffed this morning. After dinner I went upstairs to the 4th floor (seriously you all need to see this house!) and took a nap in what I like to call the movie room. It is set up just like a theater with wonderful overstuffed leather chairs that lean back when you press buttons. There were blankets passed out and naps taken while we watched the parade. The grownups stayed downstairs and since I didn't want to leave the kiddos alone I took a nap with them. All comfy cozy with my oh so lovely mink blanket. Martha Stewart would have called yesterday a good thing. :)

Hope everyone out there hugged their family tight and thought of things they were thankful for. Today is shopping. No, not at o dark thirty. We are headed to the mall after lunch to hang out and just be. I'll make sure to take some pics so I can share tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day after Thanksgiving day!!!


Michelle said...

The Mall!!!!! Oh, Yuck! Pewuuuueee! I want that old dark thrift store! That's where all the fun and treasures are!

Your Thanksgiving sounded wonderful, and I would have LOVED to see that theater room. WHERE WAS YOUR CAMERA, GIRL!????? GO BACK OVER THERE AND GET PHOTOS! I NEED TO SEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Ok, seriously, have a wonderful day, and weekend.
Love ya girlfriend!

Chocolate Cat said...

Your day sounds perfect! especially the after lunch nap!!! Hope you grab some bargains today and do some serious people watching!!

Micki said...

Your Thanksgiving day sounded wonderful! Glad that you had fun!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hi sweet thing! How's life? Have called in a hurry a few times and caught up,even chatted to Choc cat today on phone about Autsralia do you believe it...wee your ears burnt?? Now I actually have a minute to luxuriate over your life with a coffee...and enjoy a good laugh I am sure. I will start with happy Thanksgiving. Speaking of turkeys, I have one old turkey hen left from the days I was a turkey breeder and this eggs, who knew they hit menopause!! And no, that doesn't mean she goes in next year's oven! Love Tracey