Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Today we took The Son to his soon to be college to get him all registered and we also tried to take him to the DMV (cue devil music) to see about getting him all legal and licensed.

Can you see it?? The Son and The Capt...doing errands together with me there trying to keep The Capt from killing or maiming his progeny. Not. Easy. There was a lot of sighing and gritting of teeth. You can imagine who was doing what. I was eating a very large cookie and drinking one very venti caramel machiato from Starbucks and praying and chanting and buring incense.

A funny thing happened while we were in the DMV which made it all worthwhile. We were standing in line when a tri walked in. There was a man and a woman and a ummmmmmmmm well there was what I thought was a woman in a wig with them. She was very feminine and kept fliping her Cher Hair while talking and going from leg to leg. Her cell phone kept ringing as well. She kept sending it to message. Finally the guy with her turned around and said "Harold you bet answer that or he gone kill ya." Harold turned to "his" friend and said "Oh I got this!" and put his phone to message again.

Yep. She was a He. After that?? I could not look away. My son was mortified and told me to stop staring. There was no way. I wanted to be friends. I wanted to ask why?? why Harold?? and if so then why not change the name. At least in public. By the one else in line batted an eye. Such is life at the DMV.


Leigh said...

That is funny! And no camera or camera phone?!