Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This morning the hubby woke up early to go to work. We've been in busy mode over here due to the Great Move and today he wanted some normalcy so off to work he went. I, craving some normalcy myself, went to work making some breakfast for myself. I made a bagel and a yogurt with a very large ice water. :) (your life is complete now that you know what I have for breakfast heehee) I sat down to quietly read some blogs when I heard the key in the door. Yeah. It was him. He was back. Seems he was waaaaaaaaaaay early and no one was there to let him in. Okay, back to my breakfast and blog reading while he caught up on the Olympics. As I am getting into some perusing he turns to me and says "Oh yeah, the Colonel told me that I was hot to be deployed to Iraq." I, of course, turned to him and said "wha?? whe?? hamanahmaooisidjfa;??!" He says he hasn't had to go yet and is due for a 6 month tour of duty. Then he went back to watching the Olympics. I guess that's what he was thinking about while watching tv and he wanted to share.

Ummmmmmmm Sharing?? Bad. Very bad.


Lauren The Artist said...

Why do they think that is a good way to "relay the news"??!!! If there's an upside, maybe he an Rob could deploy together- :(


Granny said...

Oh, dear! Maybe you'd better look for a job. You may need something to keep your body and mind occupied for six months!

Chocolate Cat said...

One of those things you would rather not know and then if it should happen, then and only then you can berate him for not telling you it might happen!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My fingers and toes are crossed that he won't have to go.

QuiltingFitzy said...

My dd#3, 21yo is due to deploy in the Spring.

Can we hold hands?