Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Now for the bomb threat portion of the story. Walker Jen, Tanya and I try to get back on base. They each have a kiddo to pick up at the little people school. We turn the corner and there is a line of cars waiting to get on base. A bunch of people had gotten out of their cars and were on the cell phone. Hero Tanya jumps out of the van to see what's what and comes back to tell us there was a bomb threat at the school. Can you say P-A-N-I-C??!! I can't get my babies I can't get on base and then I find out that they are evacuating them to another area. Walker Jen lets me call the hubby who is away this week calmly working on his Masters Degree. We decide that we wives will not worry and panic alone so we share the joy. Yeah. The gate guards finally let us start to go on base and I hop out to run on foot. Jen hollars to get her little one if I see her first. I am on the job. My heart was beating so fast. I see this site as I start my run...

They are loading all the kids onto buses. Where are mine???
I find middle daugter and the son first. I talk to their teachers and get them signed out then I turn my attention to getting boo-bear. She is on one of the buses and getting ready to be shipped off to parts unknown. By now I have to tell you I am a little freaked and glad that I had the cool-shades on cause I may have had a tear or two...shh don't tell anyone. Boo-bears teacher sees me and tells me where she is and lets me have her. I tell middle daughter and the son to head home so I know that they are safe. Next I turn my attention to getting as many kiddos as I can from church and friends of the kids. We Owens-es are a big fan of the "leave no child behind" school of thought!! :)
I found all the best friends..had them all call their parents and speak to the teachers...thank the good Lord above for cell phones!...and then take them all home. Here are some of the shoes I now have in my hallway. :)
We ran to the corner store to get 5 pizzas...three bags of chips...a bag of ice...and oreos for Randall. Here is the whole gang. Yes, you do see babies in the photo. Two of the kids had to get their siblings out of Child Care cause it's right next to the school. Here is the whole gang. Fed. Safe. Happy.
So now I have a house full of kids hyped up on the fact that they are out of school, survived a bomb threat and they all have a bellyfull of pizza. I turned the corner and saw this site...... Sal and Chris beating the tar out of each other.

I am exhausted. There are a ton of military police walking around base here. The base is only about half a mile wide and half a mile long. They are checking out every square inch and I'm very thankful for it. A bomb threat. You just never know what you are going to wake up to here in Korea. I'm so glad this is over. A bomb threat!!!! I just can't believe it. I am so glad that I was able to get my kids and that they are here safe. I am so gonna need a nap today people!!!!


Jenna said...

This was SO scary for me as well. I didn't find out about it until around 11:30 after I got home from taking Creed to the Dr. for his 2 yr well baby. I couldn't pick Jenna up until 1:00 and that was after I found out where they had taken her. So glad that we have these procedures, however they are very scary!

AVIDINHA said...

ahh.. bomb threats, reminds me of my days as a young school boy in panama before the invasion...