Friday, March 30, 2007

Quilters have big hearts!!

I joined a siggie swap a while back. For those of you not "in the know" a siggie swap is where a bunch of quilting ladies from all over the globe make a certain kind of block, sign our names on the block and send them to a wonderful person who is in charge of it all. She in turn sorts all the blocks so we all get one from every person and mails them out to us. We get the blocks and make a great keepsake for ourselves.
This was my first swap. The block we made is one I really liked and will do again. I sent my blocks off to Australia and crossed my fingers it would get there on time. Here is where it gets interesting and why I'm blogging about it. As life sometimes does things got in the way. First, some blocks took a bit to get there due to snail mail being the way it is. Second the fabulous lady who is in charge of us (hi Cynthia!!) had some stuff to do which caused a small delay. Now we are waiting on one set of blocks from a dear lady who is going into the hospital for two weeks. Get this...did anyone write and say I want my blocks now! Did anyone complain?? No. To be a quilter you just have to have a big heart. It is a requirement. It's a given. Who else buys fabric (WAY EXPENSIVE!!) to cut it up and spend the next few months of their lives making it into a beautiful "something" to give away. Many of us, after spending years quilting, may have only one quilt for ourselves. The rest have been labors of love all given away with a smile in our hearts. I went on Cynthia's blog this morning and read all the comments left by my "sister quilters". ALL OF THEM...EVERY DARN ONE OF THEM left a nice message of support. We will wait for the blocks. We will pray and think good thoughts to our sister who is going into the hospital. We will comment back and forth to make sure all is right with her. A couple of us will even send her a care package so that she can have a hug from us cause many of us will never meet her nor talk to her. Knowing there is a quilter in need is enough.
I am so thankful and proud to belong to this group of women (and occasionally a man :) ) that call themselves quilters. You and I know better...I think they are angels.


Leigh said...

What a lovely post.
I'm glad I'm a quilter. :-)

Lauren The Artist said...

Yep, quilters rock. Hooray for us, bonded by fabric. ~jen~

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Well said... if you don't know that quilters are the most generous, loving, sharing group of individuals anywhere then I'm guessing you don't know a quilter!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

In total agreeance... we really are nice aren't we!!????

Cynthia said...

enjoyed reading your post Dawn. It' so true that quilters have big hearts.