Sunday, March 11, 2007

We got us a sit-ee-a-tion here at Chez Owens that promises to be pretty entertaining for the next couple of weeks. See our Middle Daughter is in "like" and fighting hard to be able to date two years early. There is a rule that the daughters cannot upset the delicate balance of harmony we have with the Capt until she is 16. Yeah. Well consider the balance upset. She likes this boy and he really likes her. So much so that when she told him she would like to see him with short hair he went to the barber and got it cut. Yeah. He's a nice kid. I've had him in a couple of classes that I've had to sub for and he's funny, extremely charming and a cutie pie to boot. He asked her out even though every boy in school told him that middle daughter was the "untouchable" and that the Capt is pretty big. He may not be 6ft tall but he can bench 285. Yep...and he considers all boys Mongolians and he is the Great Wall of China. Sooooo you see what we are up against. Yep. Her being 14 and all she is sooooo wanting to be in love right now. Okay, now you've got the back story. Fast forward to last night. "The boy" has decided that he needs to meet the Capt, declare his undying affections. Um-huh. He is planning on coming over and having a little man to man. The poor thing could maybe bench 50 on a good day. I tried to soften the blow by talking to the Capt last night. Made some of his favorite chicken for a snack and tucked him in all nice and tight for bed. Then brought up the subject that "the boy" may be stopping by for a chat and he is TO---BE---NICE---OR----ELSE!
Before my very eyes my darling loving hubby puffed up to the size of the Stay-Puff-Marshmallow-Man on Ghostbusters. Bring him on he shouted!!!!! Big sigh from me. 20 minutes of me talking to him we are in agreement on one thing. The boy can come over and meet him. He will try to be nice. No he can not bring weights home from the gym and show said boy how strong he is and no he can not do one armed push ups while shining any guns. Good times. He did take middle daughter out yesterday and tell her that since she is such a good kid, and people she really really is...we've hit the jack-pot with these kids, that she can date when she is 15.....with supervised a group...and no, the Capt is not allowed to hide in bushes ready to leap out and maim any boys who tries to kiss her. :) Middle daughter has decided that "the boy" needs to go to church with her. Tonight he may go to teen group. Poor kid. Every time he gets close to her there is either big brother or older boys who are friends of the family who tell him that they will pound him if they don't see at least 4 inches of sunlight between them. :) Gotta admit..."the boy" is pretty brave!!!
Updates to follow........pray for me people!


Lauren The Artist said...

Woah... and good luck. I'm not sure who will need the luck, other than you and "middle daughter"... but, good luck none-the-less. I'll be waiting for my Date Lessons to use in next 6-8 years. (AaaaGGGGGGHHHH!)


ps- How fast do you think "the boy" can run?? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh juicy, you know you will have ot update your blog daily so we can know how everything works out.
I pray it all works out well for you all!!

Jenna said...

Good luck to you and "middle daughter"...sounds like you'll need it! =)

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Yeah, I was just about to say,"how about supervised dating" when there it was. Do you know, I really don't think you can protect them too much in this day, so supervised or nothing works for me. I REMEMBER teenage boys.
(What an old prude I sound like, but I think they LIKE safe boundaries.)

Allie said...

I pray for his safety!!

Elaine Adair said...

I love reading your daily 'situations' .. especially about the too-soon-grown-up-kids. Good luck with 'the boy' .. maybe I should wish HIM the good luck.

I found an old flame recently (I am 64) who reminded me that when he came to call on ME for a date, my Dad met him with a shotgun! My gosh, I had forgotten that, but it WAS all in fun.

Anonymous said...

Uh-Oh...I wouldn't want to be that boy! You have a beautiful "middle daughter" and I am sure she will be okay with waiting...a girl's gotta try though! Love you my friend!