Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Playground smackdown and American Idol...

The other day Boo-Bear came running in the house sobbing and threw herself in my arms. WTH?? I got her calmed down and she started to tell me what happened and who I needed to find and maim horribly. She went to pep squad practice to find her friend (she'd been absent two days cause she was sick) and hang out. Her friend came out to see her with a group of girls and proceeded to rip her a new one. She started yelling at her while my baby stood there asking her, "what did I do??" Then Boo-Bear told her she didn't want to be friends anymore so the beyotches all walked away feeling victorious. I held her and asked her what I could do to help her. She started crying again and told me she was going to be a loser at school tomorrow. Oh heck no!!! Now it was on! She then tells me to go to the school and yell at this girl and tell her not to speak to my daughter that way. I gotta admit I laughed a little on the inside at that one. We got all dressed in scarves and coats and off we went. I went looking for mommas cause by now they should be there picking up kids and I needed to beat them all up. :) Instead I see the group of girls. I get them in a group and the agree to work it out. The girl has no idea why she got mad except that she told me she has a temper like her real dad. OOOOOOH REALLY! I then asked, nicely I swear!! if we needed to go and talk to any moms or was it all going to get straightened out. Man! I've lived here less then two years and I am now officially ghetto!
Everyone is friends again and next week it will be someone else. sigh. Girls are such a pain!!! hahahahahahaha
On to American Idol....isn't the black guy a good singer!!! and the guy from Australia is such a cutie!!! This should be a good season! I am feeling another end of season party at Walker Leighs!
Also, on Friday three (Walkers Leigh, Jen and me....Paig-ee has to work) will be going to the market and I promise to take some pics and post them on here!!!