Monday, February 04, 2008

Send Help...and Coffe!!

This morning, being Superbowl Monday, I am waiting for my family to leave so I can finish getting ready to go to the fabric market. (remember we are a day ahead and get the superbowl today) It is taking forever for them to leave. Did I mention I've not had my morning cup of coffee yet?? Before every fabric shopping excoursion we women fortify ourselves with a large steaming hot cup of Starbucks coffee and one of thier pastry wonders. I am saving myself this morning. It is hard. It is very very hard. I am not nice in the morning without a cup of coffee. For is one of the many conversations floating around my home this morning:

The Son : Boo-Bear is a pongu!! ( a pongu is a wet ummmmmmm toot. There I wrote it. It's a toot. SIGH!) Then he laughs maniacally just one step from her bedroom door while she comes out of her skin cause she knows he is going to come in her "private space."

Boo-Bear: SO! You're a pongu sniffer!!! The said when she comes out of her room and punches him in the stomach.

The Son: Mooooooom she hiiiiiiiit me. (said in the syruppy voice of a male trying to get his sister in trouble and loving every minute of it)

annnnnnd me: Nobody is a pongu and nobody is a pongu sniffer. AND IF YOU HIT HER BACK I AM GOING TO RIP HER FACE OFF!!! (see at this point the loudest person wins)

Me to the dog: did i just really say that??

The Dog: ?????

The Capt: co'mon D!!! We have to leave for the game!! Aren't you going to make us any egg sandwhiches?

Me, again to the dog who was sitting ever faithful by my side of the bed: I hate everyone but you!!!

45 more minutes and the Walkers Leigh and Jen will be here to take me to coffee nirvana. I am holding on.......hooooooolllldddddiiiinnnnngggg oooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


Lauren The Artist said...

Note to self- If ever Dawn is hospitalized and I'm the patient-advocate, make sure COFFEE is in the IV drip!


Anonymous said...

I have seen you in action. When there is a planned fabric shop, no Starbucks is safe until you have had your treat. But if Johnnie shows up RUN!!!