Sunday, February 03, 2008


Patriots or Giants?????? Who will be the big dog this year?? In this house we are going for the Pats. The jerseys have been purchased and plans have been made. The hubby and The Son are headed to a Super Bowl party. They have to get there at around 6:30 a-yem to start the festivities. Here in Korea it will be Monday morning when the game starts. The die-hard fans will be eating nachos and cosuming mass quantities of beer by 7am. :) Where will I be?? What will I be doing?? I will be with the Walker's Jen and Leigh. We are headed to the fabric market. The taxes have dropped and I only have 5 more months in the land where fabric is $2 a yard. I plan on hitting it and hitting it hard!!!

Have fun tomorrow everyone!!! (Whatever you decide to do)


Lauren The Artist said...

We'll need a cart with wheels for the fabric store. Indeed. Break out the tennis shoes and sweatbands to hold our hair back! Much fabric shopping to follow... Oh yeh, and I hear there's a football game on today???? =)