Sunday, March 29, 2009


So you guys remember me telling you about the jerk/kid who threw a roof tile at my baby's face and scared her for life?? Well yesterday, while she was at the corner store, I get a phone call from her. She was all wavery voiced and told me the kid was there and that he pointed his finger at her...yelled "That's bull#$%^!" and OH MY GOD SOMEONE HOLD ME BACK IF I EVER SEE HIS MOTHER OUT THERE IN THE WORLD I WILL NOW HAVE TO BEAT HER UP....he threw another roof tile at her. Not at her face but at the wall next to her.

I will now let that germinate with all the mothers out there. Also?? I will be in the kitchen fixing myself a very strong cosmopolitan whilst I contemplate life.

I am back. Ready for the rest of the story?? The Boo-Bear goes to her friends house so they can go over every wrong done to them their entire life and embellish things and be all screamy with each other while I await The Capt. We were to have a date last night with wine and crab legs and maybe some BOWCHICKAWOW-WOW. He walked in the door, all happy with life. Whistlin' a tune and smiled at me. I, in turn, hit him with this "THAT BOY THREW SOMETHING AT OUR DAUGHTER AGAIN AND YOU GO FIND HIS FATHER AND KICK HIS ASS!!!! GO NOW!!! WHY ARE YOU STILL STANDING THERE??????? GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

The Capt looked at me, never said a word, turned around and left. I sat on the couch thinking that maybe I could have handled that a little bit better and lit a candle for the father of "The Boy." Half an hour later my man comes home with the Po-Po's in tow. My hubby had contacted them, told them of our leetle sit-ee-ation and asked them what we could do. What we could do is fill out a mass of paperwork because the "Head Po-Po" was gonna hit the boy with attempted assault charges. HECK YEAH!! The cops went to the boys house and talked with the...unbeknownst to us...the brand new step father of the boy. He was very surprised over the whole thing because his new wife had never informed him of the first little mis-hap. You know.... WHEN HER SPAWN GAVE MY BABY A FIVE INCH SCAR!!!!

By 10 o'clock everyone left. Papers were signed. Reports were given. Witnesses were called and statements were taken down. Now we wait to see what happens next. Ahhhh life...when you are expecting wine, romance and song you get the Po-Po's in your living room.

Color me done.


Johanna said...

Yikes! Kids! They can be so cruel. I didn't have any because I'd be that one over-protective parent that would kick that kid's backside myself and probably end up in jail. :)

Oh and best of luck with the bow-chicka-bow-wow. :)

Judy Laquidara said...

That is horrible! I'm glad you got the police involved. Sounds that that young man needs some help and his mom may not be paying enough attention. Sorry your date night was ruined though.

mascanlon said...

Thank goodness you are making this kid accountable. Poor Boo Bear, a night of glory, a night of terror, and at her age (well at all our ages) the nights of glory should last a lot longer!

Lauren The Artist said...

OH good gravy! That is insanity. What is up with that neighbor kid? I do hope he finds stability in his life before he winds up with his "po-po" frequent flier card filled winning him a stay in prison. I'm grateful BooBear wasn't hurt (physically). GREAT WORK, CAPT!!

Becky said...

I definitely think you are doing the right thing. A second time!? After you talk to the parents the first time!? Definitely needs the police. I can't believe it, it's just so horrible.

Hopefully you'll have another date night soon.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Dawn, do you know how proud of you I am...that he aint buried in your backyard!!!! Little $%#2$$!!!
Can't do that to your baby..and on ba-woom-whatever night too!!! The police should charge him with interfering in romance as well!!

The 40th excitement is great, you are 4 months ahead of me-presume that makes you wise! But knew that already!
Lotsa love Tracey

Anonymous said...

Sorru about your date night, there'll be others. That boy needs a wake up call and a mother that cares.

Rebekah said...

GRRR I am angry right along with you! What a little butt! PoPo's better be on their duties!!!!

Stephanie D said...

Well, I hope the new stepfather is up to this challenge and can turn around the boy AND the wife--or that boy will be in juvy before he's 15.

Jeri is said...

Oh NO HE DIDN'T!!! That just makes me mad. What a bully. Did you ever see the tv show 7th Heaven? Do you remember when Ruthie sang the song, "I won't back down" by Tom Petty? I'd play it for her. It's a nice little rockin song which could empower her just like it did Ruthie.

Chocolate Cat said...

Most important thing, is Boo Bear okay?? I cannot believe he did that when you thought you'd sorted it all out. What a little ----!!