Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Regular ole Tuesday with the hubby...

Yesterday the hubby took a day off from work...(why oh why is Blogger underlining everything I write?? AUGH!!) so we decided to head to Yellow Springs. He wanted to sit in this really cool coffee shop that's on the main strip and share a muffin. Never one to turn down coffee and a muffin I hopped in the car before he could say "Hey, ya wanna..."
Yellow Springs is an interesting town. It is like all the people from the 60's settled there. Free love of all sorts reigns free. There are even two bookstores on one street devoted solely to the practice of Wicca. I love it there cause you never know what you're going to see. The coffee shop we like has pictures of fairies...witches on broomsticks with long flowy hair....small children were doing yoga...a group of older gentlemen were laughing and discussing movies. I helped them figure out the Tom Hanks movie The Davinci Code and got a huge hand clap. Yep, love it there.
So anyway, we had finished our muffin and coffee and decided to look in some of the smaller shops we hadn't been in yet. Guess who was standing outside of the coffee shop????
Dave Chappell!!!

Yeah, this guy!!! He was just hanging out on the main street chatting with the townspeople. We went over and shook his hand and my hubby wished him much continued success then we walked on like we see famous people ever day of the week. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! The hubby was all nonchalant and very mature. Me?? I was giggly and not so very mature. :)
After Dave Chappell we went into a store that sold alot of incense and medallions and body art stuff. The owner came out and told us how Woody Harrelsons lawyer stole 6 of his ideas for movies and how the Government is one big conspiracy and how our toothbrushes are made of plastic so that is why we all have cancer and are all gonna die. When we walked out of there I looked at my husband and said "Fa-Reek!!" We laughed and marked the store in our brains so there would be no chance of going in there again!
As we drove home we saw a Native American riding a horse down a highway(the horse had no name...get it???! heehee) with two dogs following him. He stopped to chat with someone in a van for awhile. Why was he on the highway you ask??? Who the heck knows!!! It was just that kind of day.

Yellow Springs
Dave Chappell
Conspiracy theorist
Native American on horse on highway.....

What a day!


Leigh said...

I'm telling you.....never a dull moment with the Owens! I hope you will not be bored here in Texas for your visit!

Anonymous said...

Please save some crazyness for me when I come next week. Love Mom

Lauren The Artist said...

Excellent! I was just watching Dave's stand-up on youtube this week too... LAUGHING my keester off. Ohio stock just went up, right?

Rebekah said...

You are so funny!

Jodi said...

Really? What is it with you? Do you have some weird aura or something that draws in these lunatics????


At least you got to meet someone famous and not crazy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Not too shabby for a Tuesday.

Chocolate Cat said...

You always have something interesting happen but I have to ask (and don't laugh) who is Dave Chappell???

mascanlon said...

Just a beautiful day in the neighborhood as Mr. Rogers used to say...golly do they do reruns, I want my grand kids to know him too!

QuiltingFitzy said...

If you're close enough to visit Yellow you know you're close enough to visit The Fabric Shack in Waynesville? It's an awesome town with lots of antiquest and the fabric ain't bad either, lol.

Glad you enjoyed YS, is Antioch still going strong? There's been whispers of it closing.

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