Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A fight...A Grace Frame...A portrait of a marriage...

Okay, here's the dealio. I quilt. Lots. I love it more then I can say. The part I hate??? I hate quilting all three layers into a quilt. It pains me. I love putting on the binding...hate the quilting. I send my quilts out to Ms. Karen. She is fab-u-lus!! She has made some of my tops into wonderful masterpieces of love.
For the last couple of years I have had my eye on a quilt frame. I love them. I want one. I mean I want one like the girl in Willie Wonka who yells out " Daddeeee I want it now!!" My husband?? Does not want one. He does not understand the expense. He would rather I quilt them myself. I mean people...does he EVEN KNOW ME ANYMORE???
Since the big 4-0 is in a couple of days I came up with the perfect idea....have my two older kids pitch in...the hubby pitch in...and wallah!!! I could get a quilt frame. It would have to be one of the smaller ones as there is no way in "you know where " he would spend a bunch of money due to the economy...and trying to be debt free...and being all responsible-ish. The Grace Frame was in my sights. I've gone on that website every night for a year and yearned. I had yearning in my heart Int-netz. Much yearning. I made my family look at the site til they would run whenever I opened up the computer.
When I brought the subject up with the family about pitching in to get me the greatest present int he history of presents they seemed to go with the idea. Even the hubby seemed like he was going to be okay with everything. I was so excited I haven't slept in days. I've been dreaming of the quilts that I would make and the awards I would win at the Houston Quilt Show. And how Alex Anderson would want to be BFF's. Then last night happened. I mentioned that if I ordered the frame today that it would be here for my birthday. The hubby wanted to know things. Like where was I going to put big was it....what were the dimensions....he wanted to know responsible-ish things. What did I do while we were having this conversation??? I started to cry and say "Why are you being mean to me?????" and some of "No one really wants this for me!! I always want stuff for you guys!!!"
Then he says to me..."Dee stop being all woe is me."
I told between sniffs cause he needed to know my feeeeelings were hurt by his questioning me...I told him we could put it in the dining room. Next to the table. Where I could look at it and call it my pressssssssious. Int-netz he vetoed the idea!!! Told me it didn't make sense to put it in there and the house isn't all that big and did I really think this through.
My heart broke in 287 little pieces all over the bedroom. I asked him why he had to talk to me in such a tone and if our situation was reversed I would be thinking of all the places we could put his wanted thing. He gave me a long suffering sigh!!!! Then I rolled over and felt very sorry for myself at his insensitivity and told myself that I couldn't believe that I could be married to someone so hurtful and if I got hit by a bus and developed pneumonia wouldn't he be sorry then!!!
And then ladies do you know what he did??????? HE. FELL. ASLEEP!!!!!! In the middle of our fight/discussion. Then I felt all the more sorry for myself and told myself that if I was married to Robert Pattinson he would totally buy me a quilt frame for my birthday. hmph!
I acidentally coughkickedcough his leg and he woke back up. We then decided the quilt frame would go in the sewing room and I would have to put all my fabric back in bins...and clean out a closet to put the bins in....and make sure I measured so that it would fit........and maybe be his love slave called Serena for the next month. We then fell asleep. Conflict resolved.
This morning I still felt a little tender-feelingish and I am ashamed to admit my passive aggressive side came out. The hubby hates for anyone else to use his towel. He is a girl about such things. Guess who used his just out of the dryer -smelling like fabric softener towel this morning?? heeheeheehee Guess who laughed when she saw her husbands face when he realized she used his just out of the dryer- smelling like fabric softener towel?? Guess who yelled out "FREEDOM!" in such a way that Mel Gibson wiped a tear of pride off of his cheek while she ran out of the bathroom waving the towel wildly??? That would be the woman who ordered her Grace Frame this morning.

It shall be delivered Friday. Please all, hence forth, refer to me as Serena...Love Goddess.


Jeri is said...

Woo to the Hoo, girl! You did it! You passive aggressive girl, you! Which one did you order? I'm so jealous! Just think of what you can accomplish now! No more sending out your quilts. Heck, that machine will pay for itself in no time.

Can't wait to hear about it!

tami said...

I just DO NOT get how they can do that. My DH will fall asleep right in the middle of a "disussion" as well. How can they shut their minds down like that? Is there nothing in there? My theory is that they aren't really listening, just patronizing us until they stumble onto the right platitude and we leave them alone.

Lauren The Artist said...

Oh my heavens! I cannot believe you are finally getting one! Field trip to Ohio coming soon... heck yeah! Boy, I was just going to send you a card... that's going to look pretty crappy next to the quilt machine.

Leigh said...

Okay, Serena, are you prepared for the demands that one can demand of a sex goddess? I don't know much about quilt stuff, but I am very happy for you! Send me the link!

Judy Laquidara said...

Serena, I hope you love your Grace frame and every night for the next month, when your DH is wanting you not to be talking (get my drift?), please talk non-stop about how much you love that Grace frame. Payback!! I'm thrilled you're getting it!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, girlie! Enjoy it in good health and may the Capt enjoy his time with Serena as well! Does she wear a wig?

Jodi said...

I don't know if I should laugh or cry for you! :)

My hubby falls asleep too and it irks me to no end. And hurts my feelings.

Can't wait to see the new quilting toy happily sitting in your house soon!

mascanlon said...

I am laughing myself silly...only because what Serena wants Serena gets, so to speak. But I do hate the way they all seem to wave our wants away like they are silly unless its the newest mustang or golf club or flat screen TV! And I have never wanted any of those! I want the new Bernina, the one with the big bed and an an embroidery unit too...sigh. Maybe Serena's sister has to visit Ca.!

Mary Johnson said...

Yeah! Way to go - I think a milestone birthday like 40 deserves a big present! My longarm was the best present I ever got! Enjoy.

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh lordy, hail Serena!! way to go girlfriend. Loved that you used his towell, that will serve him right for falling asleep and not just buying you your Grace Frame without the trauma!!! Can't wait to see photos of it when it arrives.