Friday, November 10, 2006

Mountain climbing part 2

We make it to the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!! Our legs were all like jelly but we made it. I have to tell you that this was the steepest mountain I have ever climbed up. Here is the buddha at the top.

These are boxes filled with candles. You go up to it and bow then you light a candle, set it in the box and say a prayer. Kareem wouldn't let me go to near with the camera. We didn't want to cause an incident. :)

This is a giant bell. The brown thing in the bottom left is the "hitter". Don't you just love trying to explain stuff when you don't know the words!! Anyway, you pull that big brown thingie back, let it go and it hits the bell. We found this after another! short climb up a hill.

Here is another statue. There was water coming out of a spout. That's what the lady and man were doing, getting a cup and having a drink. Kareem didn't let me try this either! He has no sense of adventure!! heehee

This was the top to the bell. I thought it was really pretty.

Here is a temple we found...yes..after another! mini climb on yet another mini hill! These were prayers put in a temple. It was really neat. There were benches all around and it was very peaceful.

Here is a close up of the buddha.

Here is the large temple we found at the top.

This was a large stone turtle carved in the side of a bunch of boulders. It had water coming out that you could drink. Nope...the Capt put the kybosh on letting me try this as well. He is just a little protective. :)

We see some people in the woods up above us and Kareem decides we need to join them. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More climbing???????????? Who made him large and in charge????????????? No one would revolt with me so we climbed up a very steep hill in the woods. On the way back down a lady felt sorry for me and stopped me. She had a plastic bag full of this stuff and told me to eat it. I of course looked around to see if the hubby was going to stop me...nope he was farther down so of course I helped myself! heehee We bonded over a piece of this and she gave me the whole bag!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a nugget like candy. We all tried some. I love it here!!!!!!

Happy faces cause we are going down!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes that is Mr. Mac Daddy and his "voman" at the top holding hands.

This was at the bottom...mecca!!!!! We got the kiddos an ice cream and I got some water. Then we sat for a couple of minutes before getting in the car.

Here we are on the way home in the car.
There is a thing here with putting art above tunnels. These are animals frolicking on the hill. It's pretty neat and I never get tired of looking at them.

Here is Our exhaustion. :)

So endeth the grand Buddha adventure. Next up.........eating octopus! heehee so not!


Tennessee Wilsons said...

Your blog has turned in to my Saturday morning paper. Y'see I make sure I don't look at it all week so I can catch up with you guys on the weekend. From now on, I'm going to make it a point to leave a comment every time I catch up. For now, I just wanted you to know that I spilled coffee on my leg reading the "naked guy" post..and then proceeded curse him and his "naked girlfiend" for making me have to change pants! I also liked the post of Captain Americas sign outside of his building. That's an awesome accomplishment for someone that started out as an enlisted man. What a difference it makes to be an Officer. He is awesome, plain and simple.

Love you Dawn. Say hi to Kareem and the kids from all of us.

Tennessee Wilsons said...

I dont know if your camera takes videos or not....but I'm thinking you should do this...

You Tube is a site where people post short video's of things for free. . Anyway once you filter through all the retards there is actually some funny stuff on there. Anyway you can imbed a you tube clip to your blog.

So, this is what I think you should try... Go to that link and click on the video.

If you want you could take a bunch of clips and I could make it into one long one and post it to you blog. Just email me the clips as you go. The key is to do the same stupid dance in every place you visit.