Monday, November 13, 2006

We took the subway finally!!! It was alot of fun. When you first get there you have to buy a token. Well first you have to figure out the map. That took about 15 minutes. hahahahaha You put your Won in and out comes a token. Now did we figure this out by ourselves?? No! A nice subway man came over to help us. His English was wonderful. Thanks to him we are now fluent in the proper procedure of subway riding.

Here is something we found while waiting for the train to pull in. It made me feel safe as soon as I saw it...what is it you ask?? What is in those bags????

IT'S A VENDING MACHINE FULL OF GAS MASKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now what do you do if you don't have any spare change and can't buy one of these babies????? What if Lil' Kim gets an itchy trigger finger and hits the button?? I say you tackle the slowest little lady and grab hers...every man for himself!!! Isn't this hilarious??

This is a picture of the street we were on as soon as we got off the subway. These are office buildings and stores.

Here is a quilt shop. Right smack dab in the center of town. All the quilts were country too!!! I went in there to buy a thimble but the lady told me "no sale...class." hahahahahahahahaha No thimble for me yet. I will find a thimble if it kills me here!!!

These next two are just more shots of streets. This gives you an idea of what it looks like here.

This better be a rockin good lunch for how much it costs!!!! hahahahaha Just kidding. 3,500 Won is about $3.50. But you can see what I'm up against trying to find something to eat when we go out. Everything is so different to this meat and potatoes girl!!

Here is a mannequin that frankly I find to be a little scary!

I took this last picture of food on the way to Duncan Donuts. It was soo cold today that Kareem and I decided to get some coffee and maybe a donut or two......JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The neatest thing happened while we were in there. We went up to the 2nd floor cause there are nice chairs by the window and you can people watch. Well, the lady who works there got such a kick out of us getting such a kick out of the different donuts that she brought us a HUGE!!! And I'm talking HUGE piece of cake!!! For free!!!! There was much bowing and thanking profusely on our part and then Kareem just looked at me. I know!! Stick with me and you never know what you'll get for free. Candy while climbing a mountain or a huge piece of cake at Duncan Donuts. I think the people here are reading my blog and want to get their picture or name in here. I am pretty sure that I am On-yo-ha-say-oh Duncan Donuts lady!!! Now I am off to take a nap. It's not easy being famous!!! heehee


Rebekah said...

You make Korea sound so wonderful! All I could say about it was that the shopping was good and that it smelled and tasted like dirt! I can't imagine how much fun it would be with you there! How Blessed Korea is to have the Owens family there! I check this blog like a hundred times a day! I MISS AND LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH! Donna went to the quilt show!!!!