Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Day Busininess

Today was officially Thanksgiving. The Capt had to go to serve his troops today with the other "bosses" so we got up early to go with. As we were getting ready we saw this rope go flying past the window.....I of course ran to get the camera before finding out if this was a terrorist come to abduct one of us. :) Here is what I found at the end of the rope............
The window washer guy. It was time to wash the windows in our building. See this poor man hanging on for dear life!!!? I yelled if it was okay if I took his picture..he seemed to get a kick out of that and told me yeah. There is just a plank under safety ropes or anything. These people live on the edge here!!

After that we got on the road to go and spend Thanksgiving with the troops. Here is the ice sculpture and a Korean woman in traditional Korean dress.'re right it is a mannequin.

Here is the Capt getting ready to that!! Oh, that is "The Jen's" very own Capt in the background..if you're not reading her blog you should!! She is hilarious. Just go to the left of my blog and look for the wacky happenings of us. Between the two of us we've decided to document every inch of Korea!!

Here's desert!

Anthonie sat at the kiddo table with Sarah and Jen's Lauren and Robby. Doesn't he look like he's loving it??!! heehee
Robby is trying to show Sarah and Lauren his ABC food...that's Already Been Chewed Food for those of you without kids. Ant is trying to show me why he deserves more allowance next payday!! hahahaha
After we got done eating and the Capt was finished serving we went home and took a Three! hour nap. We needed energy before we went shopping downtown. Lauren was the only one willing to brave the cold with us. Since she's working she has Won in her pocket that was begging to be spent. Here is a picture of what you can get at one of the many vendors.

This is the movie theatre.

This is just a picture of the street but I thought you'd like to see Korea at night. Now since we hadn't eaten in a whole three hours we decided to go out to dinner. Here is what $4 dollars will get cha".................

This is one of my favorites...pork cutlets, you also get a salad of shredded cabbage and miso soup...I dip my rice in that.
Here is what Lauren got...pork cutlets, sushi and soba soup...all for the hefty price of $5.50!!!!!!!!! heehee dinner is great around here! This is what was left at the end.............

IT WAS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Almost is the stuff you dip the pork cutlets in. They give you this bowl with sesame seeds in it. You take the stick and grind them up. Then you add the red pasty's pretty good! Do not under any circumstances stir the red pasty stuff with the stick! Your waitress will come over and mutter under her breath in Korean that you know nothing and then tell the manager he is in charge of you for the rest of the night cause she cannot take one more American! At least that's what I've heard! heehee

After dinner we walked around and shopped a bit. We turned a corner and ran into....yep...A BOY BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the Korean N-Sync!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta love it here!! A good time was had by all. Lauren got some winter clothes and made a great deal on a pair of boots.

Happiness really is a new pair of boots!!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think Thansgiving would be so much fun with the Owen's family. The Captain looked so cute in his garb. Thanks so much for all of the pictures. I don't feel so far away when I can see what you are doing every week.
Maybe one year we can be together for the holidays before the kids are old and married.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We love you ALL. Love Dad and Mom

Lauren The Artist said...

Great Boots Lauren!! Happy Thanksgiving. ~TheJen~

Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving =]

Anonymous said...

^^ love sonja

Anonymous said...

Hello Dawn, I am really enjoying your blog! What a nice way to keep in touch with your family. Have fun..