Monday, November 13, 2006

Some things by our house

No this is not a Silence of the Lambs post..this is one of the meat stores by our house. I pass by here whenever I go shopping and I often wonder if people really buy one of these whole things. It's beef in case you were curious. Yummy!! :)

These cute little characters are the Kim-Bop men. If you see these guys on the window then you know you can get Kim-Bop in there. Kim-Bop is basically a sushi roll with vegies in it. Kareem gets it alot and I have to tell ya....I don't like them. I don't know what's in it but I can't stand them!!! And I LOVE sushi rolls!

This is our chicken place. We go here at least once a week. All of the dishes are spicy except for one and that's the one I get. When we first got here we were walking down street, Kareem saw this place and made me go in with him. Now at that point in the move here I was really overwhelmed with all things Korean. It is so hard to go to a new country for the first couple of months!! There were about 100 skinned chickens in the window and I thought "oh great!" The menu is so not in English (what do you expect when you are in a foreign land) but it had pictures. So we pointed and crossed our fingers. IT WAS SOOO GOOD! I just love this place. If you can get past the fact that there are all the skinned chickens in the window and the man grabs one to cook for you then you are good to go. :)

On the way home today we were walking past a store and this was on the side of the building. Nope, they don't sell old movies or Andy Griffith material it was just there as decoration. Gotta love them that love Andy!!!