Sunday, June 01, 2008

The always beautiful Walker Leigh had her a dinner party last night. All of the Ya-Ya's were there is glorious splendor along with our hubby's. I must tell you that a fabulous time was had by all.

Ms. Paigee was there sitting next to Walker Jen's hubby...the one who we will now and forever more be calling Major Rob since he pinned on Major this week....Way to go guy!!!
Walker Jen was on the other side of the table being all cute in her little stripped greet T.
Thinking we may be needing some eye candy this guy decided to show up....hubba hubba!!
The other two hubby's were in the kitchen doing the dishes where they belong...heehee Just kidding Major Glen!!
So with some of the dinner dishes done next up was a game! It was a very fierce game of girls against the guys. Here is Paig-ee ummmm not really helping us win anything a-tall.
Let me add a disclaimer right here for Ms. Becky...Dear Ms. Becky...this is kool-aid your daughter is partaking of. K0000000l Aiiiiiiiiiiid. :)
Annnnd since the men were creaming us we decided to hold the very first evah "Who can sound like Chewbacca the most" contest.....Here we have Paig-ees hubby going for broke.....
Then deciding he would have a better chance at winning if he put a grape on his face and pretend to do a scene from an Austin Power's movie..."The mole...the mole"
We ended up having three contestants....The Major Rob....Paig-ees guy and ummmmm oh yeah, me. I always make the hubby so proud when he takes me out. :) So guess who won..........
Yep, the Major Rob.( I was totally robbed of first place!!) After he did his impression my hubby laughed so hard he said he started seeing spots and thought he may pass out. We totally lost it! Want to have a good time at a party?? Yep, invite this guy!!
The picture above was taken right before I decided to show me-friends how I could sound like a pigeon and really embarrass my hubby. We took video of the whole thing but sadly I couldn't open it....yeah...I couldn't open it.
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!
Good times Ya-Ya's!! Good times!


Lauren The Artist said...

I think Mr. Paig-ee did a great impression. Loved your pigeon movie too. HAHA. That was fun. ~jen~

buffi said...

That looks like too much fun! I wanna play! Why can't you be moving to OK? Much closer than OH! But, I will admit that assn comes with much better shopping & restaurants!

Leigh said...

It was a great time! Happy and sad at the same time. I think that I almost passed out from laughing so hard! Great time!

Chocolate Cat said...

Looks like lots and lots of fun!!