Tuesday, June 10, 2008

our walkabout....

We have been taking these last couple of weekends that we have left here walking around Korea. I am furiously taking pictures of everything I love and will miss. I thought I'd post a few so you can see "here" through my eyes....

This is a pagoda filled with Adashees..they are playing a board game and laughing and slapping each other on the back every couple of minutes, loving life. :)

These guys on bikes were thrilled to see some Americans out and about. I had to take their picture cause they kept saying "hello!! hello" even from far away.
Every day around dinner time you can see Adashees (older men) and Ajimahs (older women) sitting together, eating, laughing, talking. I love it and find it fascinating that we see it time and time again.

This guy caught me taking their pictures..hahaha Stealthy I'm not!

I took this picture at the park. On the left you will see Pondiggy (silk worm larvae) and on the right you have a bowl of yummy baby snails. You can buy a dixie cup full and eat it with a toothpick. Yeah, I know. I can't do it but we saw people everywhere that day with their dixie cups full of goodness. :) viva la differance!

Across the street from the lake/park is an amusement park. Smack dab in the center is this sweetheart. It is an Ajimah and she is steady planting her garden and tending to it. I wanted to go on over and have a cup of tea with her so she could tell me all about herself.
This is me and my Boo-Bear. It is a rare time of perfect harmony between us.
These are my men...getting hot and wishing I would finish up taking pictures of everyone and everything.
This is another garden plot next to the road. It seems to me that people need their gardens so they just build around them. I love that about here. You could be walking around enjoying whatever and then you see a garden plot with an older couple tending it quietly. It always makes me feel content when I see that. I have no idea why, it just does.
This guy was sitting enjoying the breeze from the lake and motioned for us to sit with him....there was plenty of room and these are nothing if not friendly, kind people. I had people to see and pictures to take so he let me take one of him, we bowed and then I went on with my walk.

This is a shot for the family with Korea behind them.

I will surely miss it here.


Chocolate Cat said...

What fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing parts of Korea with me - probably the closest I'll ever get!! Don't think I could come at a dixie cup of 'creepy crawlys'! Love that photo of your menfolk waiting patiently??

Lauren The Artist said...

That was great. What a fun mini-walking tour. The photo for the grandmas turned out great too. ~jen~

ps I think I have a picture of you (or you do) on one of our blogs of you eating the pondigee last year.

Lil said...

How bittersweet. =( Korea is usually a 'love it or hate it' kind of thing for folks stationed and/or living here. Me, I love it, as I think you do too. I would not trade the experience of living here for nothing in the world. Each trip out to do even the smallest thing is like a mini adventure. We have been here for a total of 6 years and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world. =) Life is good. =)

mascanlon said...

What wonderful photos and family memories. Thanks for sharing and I am eager to hear of the next part of the journey...Our Adventures in Ohio?