Monday, February 19, 2007

Added a new blog favorite.

Go on over and say hi to Walker Tiki!!! She's here in Korea with Big House Jen (formerly known as Downstairs Jen) and me. She is the one who stole oops..outbid me on the awesome Santa at the Make it Take it Bake it thing I went to a while ago. I have no idea how you "way cool" people get the names of people to light up in your posts so that we "lessers" can just click on them and head on over so just go on over to blogs I like to read and find Walker Tiki. She'll love it if you stop by.
Have a great day everyone!!! We are almost over the Crisis of 07'...just in time too cause we are about to kill each other over here!!! There IS such a thing as to much togetherness!!!


Jenna said...

You are SO sweet!! Of course, just not sweet enough to give up my Santa, but you can come admire him. You had the chance to steal Jen's A LOT of times, not sure why you didn't!! =) Have a great day my friend!!

Lauren The Artist said...

hee hee. Big House Jen (BHJ), here. Lovin the big house. Just blogged about it. Bloggin is quite addictive. I'm sure is somehow theraputic, though... so thats justified. And yes, the Santa is packed away in a Christmas box. He's hiding from you 'til next Nov. :)

~BHJ~ hee hee. g'mornin.