Saturday, February 17, 2007

the crisis of 07'

Oh the fun just never stops here at Chez' Owens. Last night our little boo-bear came down with this dreaded virus AND the hubby!! At around 2:30 this morning boo-bear woke me up itching from head to toe. She was COVERED!!! and I do mean COVERED!! with hives! I got out a big bowl and put some ice water in it so she could soak her hands and feet. They were swollen to two times the size cause of all the hives. She had a fever of 102 and the hubby and I had both taken I was taking some in the kitchen he was taking some in the other room. When we both got together and realized that we were both drugged and not going anywhere, that boo-bear was itching and feverish...well let's just say it wasn't one of our finer moments. Ain't love grand folks! :) So I got out some benadryl thinking maybe she had an allergic reaction to the Motrin. Nope. It was worse at 5:30. It was all over her back, her legs, her face and on her ears. The hubby woke up our lovely son. He is 17 and just thinks it's wonderful to be woken up at 6:30 on a non-school-day. NOT!! But someone had to go with him as we both had gotten no sleep at all. Our little boo-bear does not suffer silently or alone.
I just got the phone call that the Doc took one look at her and got out the heavy duty guns for the hives. I asked if she was sleepy cause we hadn't been to bed yet. Surely she is tired and we can sleep the day away! No. She is not tired. She is hungry for breakfast and ready to watch some cartoons. She is still running a high fever but with all the excitement and her being the center of attention she isn't going to miss this sleeping the day away!! So being the mom...and ladies out there you will all be sighing and "remembering when" while you read this...I have told my body that there is not a virus raging in it! I am no longer sick!! Do you hear me body??!! The hubby is down for the is sick and hive-covered...I've got to get some laundry done and disinfect this it is time for DA-DA-DA-DA (loud super hero music) THE MOM TO BE BETTER! The villinous virus is laughing thinking it has won. It is thinking I am not going to be able to overcome. Does it not know I am 1/4 Irish and 1/4 Scottish! I hear it shaking now! It is saying, "NO!!! NOT THE DREADED HOT TODDY!!" Oh yes folks! If this thing does not get out of me in a few hours I am going to remember my Grandmothers Irish Hot Toddy recipe and KILL IT MYSELF!!!!!! (more loud super hero music and some crazy laughing from the feverish...but no longer able to be
I will keep you all updated on what I am now calling......The Crisis of 07'

the end.


Anonymous said...

You are the BEST! You make me laugh so hard. You are the best mom in the world. Tell Kareem, now I love you best.
Love Mom

Elaine Adair said...

What a gift you have for telling a story! Take care, and ya'll get well!

Jenna said...

I hope that you are all better soon! I can say that "Airborne" works wonders!!