Saturday, February 17, 2007

another update...

Just thought of something...the reason the hubby took boo-bear to the emergency room and not me was cause...wait for ID card is expired and I am trapped on base here in South Korea until Tuesday!!! See in the military you have an ID card. You need it to get on base, buy stuff, even go to the doctors. Mine expired on the 13 of this month. I didn't even realize it til I tried to get on base to go to the store and the guard said "ma'am...problem!" The hubby needs to be with me to get the new ID card issued so he took some time off on Fri but of course I had the pleague and could not for the life of me get out of bed. Fate started laughing and after 5pm, which is the time the ID card place closes, that is when my boo-bear got sick. So the poor thing had to go with her daddy to the doctors. Probably most of you out there are thinking "hey, that's great!! You didn't have to go out in the rain!! Let the hubby go, he's her parent too you know." I do know, really I do. I just hate not to be there when they have to go to the doctors cause they are sick. I REALLY REALLY HATE IT!!! I like to ask the questions...I like to rub their backs and make them feel safe and taken care of...I like to grab orderlies by the back of the neck if they aren't seeing to my child fast enough..heehee not really, well there was the one time but she had a fever of 104 and an hour to wait was waaaaaay to long, I felt, so I kinda lost it for a second. I totally pleaded temporary momma insanity and all was'll never know if that story is true or not. :)
So the hubby suited up...sick as a dog...and took my baby out to face the hospital alone. Without her momma. She of course never blinked an eye. I walked around the house til they got home and called him twice on the cell phone to make sure he was doing everything right.
When the got home I hooked the TV with the DVD player up on her dresser, plumped her pillows 5 times, gotten her push-pops from the corner store, rubbed her back cause she was itchy, given her kisses every time I walk by her bedroom cause she is so darned cute, made a roast for the sick hubby who braved the rain and never once complained, and I'm about to go read my boo-bear a Horrible Harry book.
If you gotta be sick it's good to be sick with a momma around that's all I gotta say!! :)
I'm off to read now!


Allie said...

awww I can so relate...nothing like a mama when you are sick! My kids like me to be with them in the same bed when they are sick. Hope your little ones gets better fast!