Saturday, February 03, 2007


Hi all!! It is Saturday night here at Chez' Owens. My whole family is out cept' for me. I have the WHOLE house to myself. :) I realized tonight that there are some changes taking place for my little family. The 17 year old is out with friends...the 14 year old just left to go and meet some friends at a basketball game and spend the night at her bff's house and the 9 year old is at a party. The Capt is dropping her off and hitting the gym for two hours while she's bowling. My family is growing up. My kiddos come home with "posse's" now. When did all this happen?? I must've blinked without thinking. When I realized tonight that we are hitting another milestone here, I sat and thought how I should feel. My kiddos are growing up happy...busy...with lives full of teen and pre-teen drama. Soon one of them is going to leave my nest. He has grown up so much this year. In a couple of months he will be 18! My gosh. Next year the 14 year old enters high school! The 9 year old will almost be in middle school. And 40 is staring at me from around the corner. So how do I feel about all of this???
blessed, very blessed.


Jodi said...

That is the best way to look at it! LOL

I am not too far behind you and I ponder those changes daily. I cannot believe my babies are all in school and getting lives of their own.