Saturday, February 17, 2007

update..crisis 07'

Well Boo-bear is never one to dissapoint! I swear if I ever see a memeber of La-Leche' I am going to smack them upside the head!!! She'll have no ear problems they said...WRONG!...she'll have no allergies...WRONG! So the doc said she is one huge hive, and people let me tell you I have never in my life seen hives this bad on one person, she is one big hive cause her body is fighting the virus with a vengeance. Well of course it is. My boo-bear has been a fighter since the word go. Eat a vegetable honey........she throws up........clean your room love..........she will fight to the death and do everything under the sun but clean.............wear the clothes I picked out my DARLING, she wants the torn jeans and dirty tee-shirt. So she is on major medicine for the next couple of days and then, yes there is a then, we have to go and get her thyroid checked cause it's a little big. SIGH. Mom, are you out there laughing?? I can hear you, you know!!! Stop laughing and remembering all the problems I gave you and thinking "ahhhhh sweet, sweet payback."
We won't even get to the part where the hubby is sick. Ladies are you feeling my pain???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
more updates to follow.


Lil said...

I hope you and yours get to feeling better. I can definitely feel your pain. Last Sunday we had some sort of virus that wreaked havoc on us for days. Hope your 'boo bear' gets to feeling better too. It is so miserable being sick. Thank God for Moms!