Thursday, July 19, 2007

Boo Bear and lasagna...

Since the Capt has left me for a three month class that he really didn't need but wanted oh so badly and my whole world has gone to pot, I've been letting the girls sleep with me. Boo-Bear sleeps on the bed and Middle Daughter makes herself comfy on the floor with enough blankets to rival the princess and the pea. Last night I felt that Middle Daughter should get a turn sleeping on the bed and Boo Bear could take a turn on the floor. WHAT WAS I THINKING????????!!!!!!!!!!!! I informed the girls of our sleeping arrangements to be met with Boo Bear getting all teary and saying this..."Can you make lasagna tomorrow for dinner??!" Huh? What in Gods name does lasagna have to do with sleeping on the floor or on the bed people??? Now tomorrow I will be at Walker Jens, visiting and quilting with her and Walker Leigh. I need this day folks! I am hanging on by a thread here til my hubby comes home and I can (heeheeheehee) yeah, and also have him be in charge and stuff so I NEED this day!!!!!!!!!! Plus I checked Walker Jen's blog and she has cake!!! C-A-K-E!! I need me some cake!! Also I have a VBS meeting from 4:30-6:30. There is no time to make lasagna. I told her I could make it Friday. It wasn't good enough. She informed me she would be sleeping in her own room cause that would so hurt me and all. :) Every time I walked past her room last night she asked me about the lasagna. Then when Middle Daughter and I talked quietly in bed she kept yelling at us that she could hear us. Of course we got the giggles and that went over none to well. After about 30 minutes of us all yelling at each other back and forth we all rolled over and turned on our I-Pods....that's how we handle conflict at Chez' Owens.
Oh, on a lighter note my mom is home from her love fest/camping trip with my dad. The stars have aligned with Venus and my feng-shway is vibing with my che'. We had an hour long talk as soon as they pulled into their driveway...10 minutes for her to tell me about her love fest/camping trip and 50 minutes for me to fill her in on my life and get sympathy that only a mom can give. I am at peace and content. The Capt may be far far away at a three month class he really didn't need but wanted ever so much (not bitter here!!!) but my mom is home once again and available by phone.
happy days!


Granny said...

You HAVE to find out what lasagna had to do with the sleeping arrangements. Do you think she was just so upset that she was going to have to sleep on the floor that she couldn't think of anything else or do you think she *really* wanted lasagna? That is funny!

Jenna said...

So glad that Grandma a go go is back in touch with you!! I'm sorry that there's been far TOO much drama going on. Maybe a trip to Osan would make things better!! Much love to you girlfriend.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Mine are exactly the same! well the boy particularly. they think that because having you taken away from them is so devastating to them, that the removal of them from your presence will punish you just as badly!! (Did that make sense!!) Little do they know that we are jumping on the bed singing the hallelujah chorus (sometimes!!)
And if acts of service is her love language then lasagne makes perfect sense-it's my boys love testing meal of choice as well as he knows it takes ages!
Here's a plan-cut down the steps-you know, just grated mozarella or bottled microwaved cheese sauce, meat done quickly with a bottle of dolmio and some minced meat, whack it all together with pre cooked sheets and it's nearly down to a 30 minute tea! Don't tell anyone you have ruined your lasagne rep but get Boo bear on side while acjieving quilting reSt day! Cheers, tracey

Flawed And Disorderly said...

Just dropped in to let you know I'm FINALLY updating my blog roll and added you! I just wanted to let you know I followed through. =)