Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Ummmm.... just to clarify that last post...I was really kidding! I was relishing my time alone! I got the word from Walker Jen that it seemed I sounded a might sad in the post. :) She worries about me! :)
I was loving being an island!
All alone with a movie, a book and a cosmo that had more Cos then Mo!

On a side you see how many days I have til my honey comes home????????!!!!!!!!!! There will soon be a glow coming from South Korea. I cannot say why cause my mom reads this blog and you all know she will call me and tell me to take any post down that consists of the words flirting and ummmmmm how can I say this "BO-CHICA-BOW-WOW!!!"
I am now going back to being an island. LATER TATERS!!!


Rebekah said...

14 days till you are with your man again! I am smiling for you! Love you my friend! Me and Treasa will drink a maragarita to celebrate with you!

Granny said...

I'm always having to re-think what I post too because my mom reads my blog. Sometimes I wish she didn't!

2 weeks! Did you ever think it would be just 2 weeks til he got home? Seems like years that we've been counting down the days with you.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hey, 2 weeks until my birthday then!! Celebrations all round! Tracey

Anonymous said...

9am Saturday, and I'm going to drink some coffee and catch up on come Owens family adventures. I hear your causing quit a stir over there, what with the mafia, running people over, and getting car jacked. I could watch the local news, but I'm not sure there is as much crime and drama.

Love you guys. Jeff

Judy said...

10 days! Are you getting excited yet? :)

Anonymous said...


You never cease to crack me up.

Thank you


Rebekah said...

Only 8 more days! I am so happy for you!