Wednesday, July 11, 2007

cell phones..

Over here at Chez' Owens we are cooler then cool. See we all have cell phones. Yep, even the 10 year old. We have slides, ones that take pictures, and mine opens when you press a button with a sa-weet swooshy sound. These phones are all pre-paid so that none of the kiddos can run up a thousand dollar cell phone bill. I gotta tell ya, I love it that I can get in touch with the crumb-snatchers at a moments notice. Our very own Boo-Bear calls a minimum of 12 times when she is at a sleepover. I get a call that they are on the way to the friends house, a call when they are eating dinner, a call when dinner is over, a call when they are getting ready for bed, a call when they are bored and want to know what to do and a call to say goodnight.
Now why, you ask yourself, do all the kids have a phone?? I soooooo said I would never buy my 10 year old a phone. What does a 10 year old need with a phone!!! Then we had our first bomb-threat here at school. The two older kids had phones the next day. When we had our second bomb-threat I made sure that Boo-Bear had one. It's a crazy world we live in and just in case anything threating goes down, I want to be the one holding the awesome cell that swishes when you open bout you?? Do your kiddos have phones?? And what made you decide to get them??


Granny said...

Oh yes! My 19 year old has had a phone for several years. We started out with a pre-paid phone so he wouldn't run up an outrageous bill. Now we share minutes on the family talk plan and he has not abused the minutes at all. We have over 2,000 roll over minutes in fact.

I have told him that I'll pay for the phone but he'd better pick it up any time, any where when I call. I'm the worst at hearing sirens and calling him just to see where he is. When he goes out, I ask him to use the cell phone to call me on my cell phone when he gets home at night. I keep my phone under my pillow (also use it for my alarm) and I can grab it and say "thanks" without DH ever waking up. In the unlikely event I go to sleep while he's out, I don't want to wake up in the middle of the night, wonder if he's home and go running out to the garage to see if his car is home.

In today's world, I think we all need cell phones. If it wasn't for needing DHL, I'd cancel my home phone line and just have cell phones.

Jodi said...

We each have one but the kids don't yet. Our 11 and 10 year old are about to get one for christmas. They will be prepaid ones as well. That way I know where they are and they can call me.

Lauren The Artist said...

Can I borrow your phone? My coolness is running a little low...



QuiltingFitzy said...

Oh, I'd LOVE the one that opens by itself, I have the hardest time!

Yes, my kids have had phones since they began high school. They all played sports and could just call if they forgot something or tell me where and when to pick them up. It is a great time to teach them responsibility.

Shelina said...

Wow, carjackers and bonbthreats. When you say adventures, you aren't kidding!
No we don't have cell phones. I think that if there was a bomb threat at the school, or even a real one, there wouldn't be a lot of help I could be through the phone. Although if she was fine, I think that would be very good to know so I wouldn't worry, and she could at least hear a reassuring voice to know that I cared. I don't have one because I don't use the phone much, and she doesn't call me at all when she is away, so I am afraid she would just use it to call others.

I am thinking of getting one anyway, so I can call whenever I want.