Monday, July 23, 2007

An Island....

I am alone.
I am an island.
Why are you alone and an island you ask??? Here is why...
The son has left me to go to the is a scary one and there is the chance a good smellin' girl will need his strong muscles around her to keep her safe, how can I compete with that I ask you??
Middle daughter had her first day of summer hire and had to go straight to cheerleading practice. It ain't easy being breezy!!
Boo-Bear is out running around in parts unknown. I hear her every once in awhile screaming like a banny-rooster (can ya'll tell I'm a Texan at heart!) so I know she is alive and kickin.
So here I a clean house with a movie that I haven't watched yet. hmmmmm Alone..hmmm Life is good is really good!!


Jenna said...

You are just SO DARNED CUTE!!! I hope you enjoyed your movie by yourself. The Capt comes home VERY, VERY soon and I know that you'll be happy about that!!

Anonymous said...

Grandma A Go Go here,
These are the times that I wish that you lived close. We could put in the movie, have buttered popcorn, and you could put your little head in my lap. You are in my every thought. Thank God I have you for a daughter. You are such a fabulous example of GOODNESS!!
Hugs Hugs Hugs

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Can I hire your Mum! I want a Mum who wants me to do that!!!
Enkoyed your post, I am pretty much alone today, sewing here I come! Tracey