Friday, November 21, 2008

Today is the day!!!!

Did you wake up this morning thinking "Hmmmmm, I wonder where Dawn will be today??" Well wonder no more! I will be in a darkened theatre, popcorn in one hand, soda in the other. I will be watching this little bit of just under 3 hours. (yes, my ticket was purchased two weeks ago...giggle!!)Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd yes, my name is Dawn and I am a fan of teen-angst ridden books. I am the one you see giggling at the register at Barnes and Noble swearing that the books I am buying are for my 16 year old....while I make her stand behind me with her Novels...and her Biography's. Sheesh...who's kid is she anyway??! We are a family of readers. The Son is into drawing and painting.....The Boo-Bear loves her some age appropriate stuff...The Capt is all about loooooong drawn out Works. Books you need a dictionary set right next to you as you partaketh. Our 16 year old likes her books deep. Thinking books. Me?? Give me a good ole Nora Roberts...Stephanie Evanovich....a Baby Blues...or a dark steamy vampire/mortal romance any day.

And just so I can keep you dear int-netz in "the know" I will report back here post-haste on how wonderfully fascinataly romantical the movie is. giggle...


Mary Johnson said...

I'm jealous - no one can possibly read more than I oldest son doesn't read much at all and my youngest - well, he likes graphic novels (you know, Japanese comic books, characters with big boobs, mostly drawings, few words)

We always had tons of books, my boys were always read to, all the trips to B&N, and I certainly set a good example.

I finally came to the conclusion that readers are born not made.