Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why The Capt Probably Won't Call Me Again When He Goes Away For A Week And A Half And Leaves Me Here In Sucky Ohio!

Today the Capt comes back from parts unknown where he had been doing important things with real grownups who talk to FRIENDS. When he got to his destination a week and a half ago they rolled out the red carpet for them. Gave them salutes. Took all the bags to their private rooms. Called to make sure that they were happy with their accommodations. Gave them rental cars. He had dinner out a couple of times with real people......LIKE FRIENDS.

I've talked to him every day cause he is a good hubby and he and he likes to flirt on the phone and misses me. heh.

Today he called to tell me what time his plane comes in and I'd had enough. I was PMSing.....Post MSing...and I have to have a gosh darned procedure on Thursday while MSing. My Middle Daughter is lonely and unhappy here. I am not to happy about this whole Ohio thing myself.

He shouldn't of called all happy and satisfied with the job he had done while amongst real people.

I tell you int-nets it wasn't my fault. I couldn't hold back the volcano of anger over this whole Ohio-sucks thing I had stirring in me. In my defense I asked him calmly if he had talked to the other men about what the wives (WHO HAVEN'T CALLED ME TO WELCOME ME AND I CURSE THEM WITH ROACHES!) do while their hubbys are away doing great things. He told me "ummmm I guess nothing." I, again calmly, asked him if their was a wives group to be had. Negative. I then asked him if he understood how dire this situation was cause if I don't have some female companionship (heehee I just wrote female companionship heehee) soon I am gonna pack up my chilren' and leave his makin me move to Ohio self! He tried to talk me off the ledge and wanted to "discuss" why I am having an I Hate Ohio Day.

After 4 months here I don't want to discuss how this assignment is gonna get better I just want him to buy me a long arm and make it all better! I told him so in no uncertain terms. Sometimes as an Air Force Wife you gotta be stern with your man when he moves you to what might as well be Timbuktoo. Hmph! I also told him in no uncertain terms that I was gonna go and see my Leigh this summer and that we were gonna go and break our Jen outta her own little slice of a Hell-Hole assignment.

And if I don't start liking it soon he is gonna pay for the whole thing!

I'll bet he is soooooooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to coming home to me. If he's smart he will toss some chocolate in the car when I go to pick him up with a side a chips. Then he will not mention anything about PMS.

Good Luck And God Bless


Lauren The Artist said...


One of the ladies here commented about our assignment location saying "I can live anywhere for two years." AGH- I DID live "anywhere" for two years. THIS assignment is for 4!

Yes, there will be an up-side soon. I just keep telling myself that, and someday soon, it will be true. *grumble grumble*

I will now go say a little "look out" thought for the Capt. ~jen~

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ohio sucks!Come see me in the land of Aloha, I'll have a couple of MaiTais waiting for you! Luv' Ms. Carmen

Shasta Matova said...

I'm so sorry you are having an Hate Ohio day. Hope it is the last one! Because Ohio is a great state! Join the Ohio Quilters yahoogroup. You'll find of people to hang with. They have quilt retreats, so you can go away and do your own talking to adults thing.
I would still hold out for the long arm though.

Leigh said...

Girl, I'm so sorry. I'm sure the Ohio thing is fueled by the PMS thing. But I totally understand the friend thing. People are nice when they talk to you, but my phone isn't ringing either. I think that my standards are too high now, because of my Ya-Yas. Nothing you! (I think that was a song by Sinade O'Conner) Anyway, you know that we are only a phone call away, but I know that doesn't fix either. Next summer girl!! Hang in there!

Mary Johnson said...

Hey, if you can get a longarm out the deal - I say go with it! I got mine when we moved to the Atlanta area for Keith's job, and when he moved me to Minnesota? I went out and ordered the Circle Lord and templates I'd been wanting for 2 years.

Keith's gone all week too and I sent him a photo of my new lights - did he ask how much they cost?? No, just said he hoped it would make up some for leaving the beautiful studio we'd created for me in GA. I must be doing something right if he still feels guilty about that after almost 2 years!

Make sure you get to that next Bee meeting, OK?

Jodi said...

Girl you and I must be related! :)

I am so sorry you are not loving Ohio.

((((HUGS))) and many chocolate kisses!

blue hose said...

You can always come back to Houston! We miss you guys down here!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you are having a hard time with your move. New bases are tough. Doesn't the Air Force have sponsers - someone to show you around and help you get acquainted with the area and some of the people? To bad you can't get a part time job in the quilt shop that way you could fondle fabric and meet quilters not mention get you out of the house to mingle with grownups who could become friends. If that won't work joining an online quilting group is a good suggestion. Have you checked out Bonnie Hunter's group? Good luck with the longarm I'd give up alot of things before I gave up my longarm.

Mary Alice said... made me laugh a little..because I soooo understand what you are saying.

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh my I want to know - did he bring chocolate and lots of it????