Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Tree....

The Rents are coming today for Thanksgiving. They are bringing with them my Neice and the Youngest Brother. I spent yesterday getting groceries and thinking if I should put the tree up or not. Last night the hubby was working late. I was walking around the house thinking of all the things I still had to do when I decided to put up the tree after all. Boo Bear was in the living room with me. She was playing with these two hobby horse ornaments we have.....just basically letting me do my thing while she sat playing and watching TV. Our Middle Daughter was in the other room reading Twilight and giving my periodic updates on where she was in the book. (Sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel Edward!) The Son was at work. I tell you this to explain why I did what I did. I have never had my family close enough to have them at my house for a holiday feast. My house will be sparkly and perfect if it's the last thing I do. I decided instead of the kiddos putting ornaments helter skelter on the tree that this year I would do it myself.
Jeez Louise! You'd think I commited a major sin when Middle Daughter and The Son saw it! They were so upset that I didn't wait for them to help. The both just stood there and looked at the tree with their mouths hanging open. Sheesh! And it looks good too but do you think they care?? No. They wanted the memories. They wanted the laughter. The Capt smoking a cigar and directing all of us...with none of us listening.
Sigh. Lesson learned. There are some things you are never to old to do. Trimming the tree is at the top of the list next year. sigh.

P.S. if you have ever loved an animal with your whole heart please go over to PennyQuilts and give her some love this holiday season. Her dog, Jezebel, is going through a hard time right now. Loving my dog, as I do, my heart is with her today. Go on over and let her know you are thinking of her as well. We may never meet those we keep up with in BlogLand but it doesn't seem to matter. We still care. We still worry. We still think about each other and are there for each other. Today she needs to know this.


Mary Johnson said...

Up until our move to Minneapolis, we always had tree trimming night with just the 4 of us. The boys and I hanging ornaments and Keith supervising and eating Christmas cookies. You shouldn't mess with their traditions! Have wonderful Thanksgiving - since it's just Keith and I again this year, and I just got home tonight - we're having one of our favorite casseroles tomorrow - Since it's a lot easier to fix than a full Thanksgiving meal, I should have plenty of time to get some quilting done too.

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh lordy, that was a mistake wasn't it???? Nice to know though that it is something they love doing even if they don't normally tell you. Mine always happen to be around and help, they even put up with the christmas carols and my singing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't mess with traditions!