Sunday, December 03, 2006

4 signs of winter here at Chez' Owens

Sarah came running in the house just now yelling that she found 4 signs of winter here in Korea. She is in 4th grade so these things are very exciting!! heehee Sign number 1 is ice on the playground.....

Sign number two was her red cheeks and hat...sign number three was the bare trees and number four was how cold it was outside. Now since it was sooooo cold out I didn't go out there to take a picture of it or the trees but trust me poeple when I say that what we saw on M.A.S.H. all those years ago is true.......... IT GETS COLD HERE!!!!!

This is just a sign of how cute my little boo-bear is and how right I was to adopt this little kitty 5 years ago for her. He has loved her faithfully and wonderfully for all these years. Whenever she lays down he is right there...cats are wonderful things!!


Darlene said...

Hi, I pop in on very regular basis to see what you're doing today in Korea! Enjoy your stay!