Sunday, December 03, 2006

my weekend :) Yep I wore the "rockin new boots!!"

Had a busy weekend this week!! On Friday it was kinda quiet so I got to quilt. I'm making our Pastor and First Lady this one. So far I have the two trees done.

Here they are....lookin' pretty good!!

This was the site that greeted me after I took a break from quilting...Sonja and Sarah bored bored bored. I rallied the troops and told the Capt he was paying for dinner so off we went. There was a new place we wanted to go to. The food was really good!!!

This was the picture on the wall that we pointed to so the waiter could know what we wanted. I love it when we go into a place and everything is written in symbols. That's when you look around and point to whatever looks good and then cross your fingers you get something resembling food. It's a ton! of fun!!! You also have to have the pact with your kiddos that if it doesn't work and you get tripe (ewwww!) yet again you can all have cereal when you get home. (and maybe some Baskin Robbins to sweeten the deal)

You always get a bunch of "sides" to go with every meal. All of the sides are free. You usually just pay for drinks and meat. This was a new side. I have no idea what this green bit of goodness (not!) was...does anyone out there know??? I didn't try it by the way. :)

Here is our Sonja and our Sarah. Lauren was off
being 14 and Anthonie was having a night out with the guys so it was just the four of us. Look at those cutie-pa-tooties!!

This is a close up of the grill the waiter cooked our food on. The stuff on the left side is the kimch'. It's the first time I've seen them cook it.

Here is our waiter. He was totally surprised when I did my James Bond move on him to get a picture. Usually when you go out it takes a lot of pleading to get a picture of an actual person. I even have a theme song that goes with my subterfuge!! :)

Saturday we went to a new market and yes it has come to this for us...parking on the sidewalk. SIGH!! We are very "Korean" now!

These are little piggies who went to market and did not get to cry wee wee wee all the way home. So you think someone actually buys the whole thing?? I watched (yes with the theme song playing in my head) to try and get a picture of someone buying one of these but no luck.

These things were as long as my arm!!! I wanted to take a picture of them and get a close up but when I got close they all stopped moving around. I just kept thinking if one jumps up at me to eat my face this blog is o-v-e-r!!!!! They didn't and the blog continues!! WHEW!

Here are some turtles for turtle soup....making the story of the toroise and the hare kind of the market no hare...many turtles!!! Who wins the race now my friend??!!

This is the downstairs part of the marrket. Can you see Michael Jackson in the bottom right with the pink on!! And you thought he was in Dubai!!

Actually a lot of people around here wear these little masks. Why?? Who knows!! Maybe a nice fashion accessory. Let me tell you something smelled...well it smelled of a lot of things! You had the garlic isle (not bad) and the fish isle (little less not bad) and then the kimche isle (bad!).

Here is the fruit section. Around the corner a sweet lady gave Sarah an orange from her booth. I think she felt bad for her cause Sarah was so over the market by this time and it was like 120 below outside!!!

This is the fish choir singing for their release!! heehee

Next up on Saturday was "GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!!!" WHOO HOOOO!! Went out for dinner and "whatever else hits us" with Downstairs Jen and Gretchen. Notice the rockin new boots!!!

In case you needed a close up.

So we decided to go out for dinner and see what would happen to us. Here is Downstairs Jen opening up the door to her place. heehee Always ready for a photo op!! We go downtown and pick a place that looks like we could all three eat there. Once inside we are told there is a long wait. This group of people was before us and one of the ladies starts up a conversation. Her English was really good. She told us what kind of restaurant we were in and the kind of food they served. Then they asked us if we wanted to sit with them....heck yeah!!! We actually ended up at the table next to them but the same nice person helped us order and told us the directions to cooking this soup stuff.

Here they all friends!!

This is the soup base you start with. You add vegetables in the order of hardest to softest and also add the shreeded meat. I think it was called Ship shoo bop or something like that. :)

Here is how they serve you the sides. Jen thought it looked like an airline tray and you know what...she is right!

I swear these things looked like fingers chopped for our enjoyment. Jen and Gretchen said they were potatoes and yep...I took their word for it. After I was hoping for a little good ole' fashioned kareoke but nope.....couldn't find a one. Oh and by now the "rockin new boots" were killing me and not softly either!!! Plus our Gretchen is a nursing momma so it was time for the Cinderellas to go on home.
It is now Sunday morning and I have church in an hour...I am hoping that Pator will serve coffee!!! heehee After church I am getting a good Sunday nap in!! Well.......if nothing else happens...and you never know around here...there is a new person who moved in across the street from Naked Korean Man and Smokin on the Roof he is moving in.......

This is how you get things done here. I may need to check these new people out for you guys!! I can hear the theme music starting back up da da da-da-da da da da...heehee Happy Sunday everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

:) im glad you had fun at your girls night out!

thanks for taking me out to dinner;;

oh and i'll tell you later why i missed church O_o..

Love, Sonja

Tennessee Wilsons said...

Ok, now you just can't go throwing out words like "subterfuge". I mean what are you trying to do make my blog look obtuse. Well I got news for you sister of mine. I may not have 50 hits a day..and I may even have to threaten my own God Mom to pay a visit...but I got movies and BY GOD I GOT FONT! This is blog war babey...BLOG WAR!!

Oh and as a coda..OH YEAH I SAID a coda..I paid two trips to Starbucks today at 5 bucks a pop due to your fancy pance postings. I hope your proud of yourself.

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