Friday, December 01, 2006

Naked Korean Man

As I was getting ready to go out this morning I saw some activity over at Naked Korean Man's apartment. I ran to get the camera just as he went back in. I did get a picture of his two dogs though. He has a black and white one and the other is just black. That man in the lower corner is not Naked Man that guy is Smoking on the Roof Guy...more to follow on him I am sure. Naked Man has two dogs...hmmmmmm wonder what else he has stashed in there. I will continue to work the case to find out more about him and daggone it I will vow to get a picture of him to post one of these days!!!! I'll get you yet Naked Man!!!!


Lauren The Artist said...

From the downstairs files- Smoking on the Roof guy is always smoking on the roof! I think he's with the lady over there, Garden on the Roof lady. Would that make them Mr. and Mrs. On the Roof? And I think they have grade school boys- who, yes, I've seen playing on the roof!! Could you imagine?