Friday, December 22, 2006

Dearest Friends and Family

To our dear friends and family...a Christmas letter. Written with tongue firmly planted in cheek and winking madly! heehee

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope this Christmas letter finds you well. I am sure you were waiting with baited breath to receive a Christmas-once-a-year update on our family. Knowing how extra special-gifted-and-talented we all are I decided to oblige.

We are all doing well here in Korea. Let me start with our oldest child...Anthonie. Anthonie is now 17 and showing no signs of adolescent angst. He is a cheerful sunny young man who is ever willing to help around the house. Just this morning I peeked in on him and saw that he, again, dusted and vacuumed. What a pleasure he is. I am fully expecting a special ceremony at the end of the school year to commemorate all of his accomplishments. Not only is his grade point average a 10.5 but we are told he is well on his way to curing cancer.

On to Lauren. Our Lauren is 14 this year. As we are nearing her High School years we were a little worried that our middle child would bring home much drama from school. That is so not the case. She is so special that her friends do a cheer as she leaves the school. Her teachers come over regularly to tell me how much they adore her and I have had to resort to keeping tissue on hand to wipe up their tears of love. We expect her to be the first woman to man a space station on Mars.

Now the youngest. Our little boo-bear is 9. This is such a wonderfully quiet age. She sleeps in and NEVER wakes up at 5:30 hungry and wanting to talk to someone. Her favorite shows are Bill Nye the Science Guy and Math for Those On Their Way to Mensa. How proud we are of her! Her grades are so above average that they are unable to keep up at school. They are even thinking of doing away with the curve when she hits Jr. High so as not to be unfair to the other students. Sigh! I see Madame President in her future!

Now the Capt. We are expecting Colin Powell to walk in any day now and let him know he has been chosen to by-pass all other ranks and go straight to 15 Star General. He has taken up the habit of bringing me coffee in bed. The coffee is picked up fresh from Starbucks and there is a cinnamon roll on a pretty plate next to it. He has even told me that since I work so hard around here that he is going to hire a maid...and a chef...and a masseuse! Yeah for me!

Last but not least is me. I have learned to balance the checkbook, I have started a strict exercise regimen, I have also curbed my fabric buying habit. I am in control of my world and those around me...I am woman hear me roar!! Never a day comes that I am overwhelmed. My home is spotless and very organized. I have even started classes on "How to be a quiet obedient wife". It is standing room only.

There you have it. We are all thriving and accomplishing much here. I have heard a rumor that Lil' Kim up North may even be reconsidering his tantrums of late because he doesn't want to disturb the Owens family. I may pencil him into my busy schedule to teach him how to Win Friends and Influence People.

heehee...I hope this was as much fun to read as it was to write!! Merry Christmas and much love to all!!



Anonymous said...

My Darling Daughter,
All of those acalades (sp) are so far from the truth. I think of ALL of you just the way you described. The Captain is one in a million! He is gentle, kind, hardworking and a real BARNBURNER!!! Anthonie is the most thoughtful and loving teen I have ever met, and I have met quite a few. Laure is a rare treasure. She is creative, sensible, beautiful and my most favorite Lauren in the world. Boo Bear is exciting, vivacious and our Little Love. You, My Daughter, are truly an angel sent from heaven. You are soooooo beautiful. You are creative, talented and so much fun!!You inhance my life so much. I am always so excited to hear from you. Dad and I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas. Can't wait till our visit. I miss you all so much. Love to all. Dad and Mom

Anonymous said...

Rewrite for the first line. All of those acalades (sp) aren't so far from the truth. Love Mom who can't see the keyboard!! Hahahaha