Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My man is officially old!!!

It's the Capt's birthday today. He is officially old now!!! heehee The big 3-7 Bab-ey!! Everybody drop on by and send him some good wishes...he's pretty special and I'm thinking that after 22 years I may keep him!! :) I'm off to the fabric market with Downstairs Jen...cause hey...what's a Tuesday without a little fabric shopping??
Happy "The Capt's Birthday" Everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Captain!!! Would love to spend the day with you. When I come, we'll go out for dinner for your late birthday. Much love from Mom and Dad

Lauren The Artist said...

Happy Birthday! I found a birthday song for you on YouTube. This one was pretty funny. ~jen~

Aunt Joan said...

Belated Birthday Gymshoe.
And Barb did not pay me to say this. Love, your other Auntie