Friday, December 15, 2006

To the market we go...then outbid by Tiki!!!!!

We took Gretchen to the Soemoen Market for the first time today. hahahaha She looked just like I felt when I saw it for my first time....overwhelmed! There is just so much stuff there. Think of the biggest swap meet you've ever been to then think of it muliplied by 40. The place is just jam packed with "stuff". As we were walking into the market we saw a man keel over cause he had been riding the soju train (remember soju is %100 percent alcohol) and it was 10 in the morning!!!!! His two friends just slowly looked down at him and said something that sounded like "whoa dude". hahahahahahaha They did not help him up he sorta staggered up on his own. I took some new pictures of the market to give you some idea of how close the stalls and the isles are. This is underneath the street. There is about a blocks worth of dishes and kitchen gadgets under there. This is one side of an isle...I was trying to find a coffee cup that I had seen there before...can you imagine trying to fine ONE small item down here??!!

If you looked to the left this was the other side of the isle. It was isle after isle of all this stuff.

We go upstairs so that Downstairs Jen can find some stuff for her Lauren and hit the clothes section. Here is a small of about 40 million. Notice how small the booth was. I feel like the jolly green giant here!
After this we headed on over to the sewing notions area. I was feeling overwhelmed by this time cause all the scooter drivers were out in force doing deliveries. See where these ladies are walking...can you imagine a scooter going through here?? Neither could I till I saw it myself. So I'm trying to find some Guterman thread. Last time I was here I got it really cheap. The first man was filling out vouchers of some sort and didn't even look up when Jen and I tried to ask him how much...we moved on...then...then I asked a lady how much her thread was. For some reason this made her mad and she yelled at me!!! hahahahaha She told me her thread was $2.50 a spool and then went back to her other customers. Don't even ask me what I did cause I'm not sure so I moved on again, by now I am tickled cause it's like the curse of the Guterman thread or something down there. I did find some and paid $1.00 a spool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha So there man and lady!! Gretchen's little man decided that an hour of the market was more then enough for him so she headed home. Jen and I took a big breath and headed back in the market. We found this little store....

These are (I think) roots that you can drink. I asked the man if I could take pictures but he told me only one. Now of course that made me want to take at least two so I snuck in this one of the mushrooms......

Now whether you drink this or put it under your tongue I'm not sure. There was some crazy looking mushrooms in there and I was certain that we had infiltrated a "shroom" store. It was pretty exciting!!!

By now we're getting hungry and decide to go to Shanghai's a great place to know how I know?? Well cause they tell you on this sign right here...heehee. While we were eating a bunch of school girls stopped by our window to wave and giggle at us. Yes folks...we are movie stars!! There was much yelling hi and hello by them and fierce waving by us...Jen and I are single handedly changing the way the Koreans look at Americans! :)

Jen's little Ryan decided that my broccoli looked tasty and that he had to have one in each hand to suck the sauce of my lunch up with. If he isn't the cutest thing I don't know who is!!! Here he is looking very happy that Ms. Dawn gave him her whole plate. :)
Later on that night Jen had invited me to a spouse group function called Make It Take It Fake It. It was an auction of stuff that the other wives either made, bought or had around the house to donate. The bidding was fierce!!! I only...ONLY...wanted this gorgeous Santa! I saved my money til the very end and as soon as the bidding started on it I was raising my hand. Little did I know that Tiki (who I know is reading this blog and is wrapping said Santa to give to me for Christmas hehehehehehehe) wanted it too! I think we got up to forty-leven-million dollars and I had to admit defeat! AUGH!!!!! So now "MY" Santa is sitting in his new home over at Tiki's house. I think I will invite myself over for a coffee and bring the big purse so I can stash it and bring it to my house...I have a great place for it! heehee Congrats Tiki!!! :)
Tonight is the big work party for the Capt's job. I hear they bought a zillion bottles of wine so this should be a rockin party. I wonder if I can sneak my camera in there to take pictures. :) Oh...go on over and read Jen's blog about what happened at the market when we bought cookies from the neat cookie guy...I haven't checked yet but I'm sure she has the story on her blog. My fingers are tired of typing so I'm off to do my Friday cleaning. Have a great one everybody...well everybody but that "Santa stealing Tiki!!!!" hahahahahahahahahahahaha Love ya Tiki!!


Lauren The Artist said...

Yum, market cookies for breakfast... seeings how I couldn't afford a $50 budnt cake from the auction!! I just wanted to let you cross-bloggers know, my 1/2 of the Soemun story is found here.

Who knows where we'll go next week!

Lauren The Artist said...

I forgot to add- what a GREAT photo of the the broccoli theif. Had a great afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that i love reading your blog and i love and miss u all very much!!!! it sounds like you guys are having a grand ole time, please tell everyone i say hi and that i love them, even abbey and buster :) i go home in 8 days and i couldn't be more excited, i miss my parents so much. my email address is, feel free to email me any time. much ♥.
- gabriela

Jenna said...

I know that you REALLY, REALLY wanted that cute little Santa, but so did I! That was one of the reasons I wasn't able to go to the market with you...I had to save my little pennies to buy something special! Just to let you know, you are ALWAYS welcome over to my house for coffee, but that cute little Santa might be tucked away and come out to play another day! Ha ha! Love ya!