Sunday, June 10, 2007

AHHHHHHH kiddos....

I came down with a head cold this weekend. I know it was due to "that class"! All those little crumb snatchers breathing on me and all. YUCK! So I took something to help me sleep last night and told myself, "Self, the hubby is away. It is up to us to get it together and feel better by 0800 tomorrow morning." Self just rolled it's eyes and went to sleep. This morning I awoke to the sounds of Boo-Bear and her friend. I let each of my girls have a friend over last night. They are sisters and easy to have over so it was no prob-lemo.
The next thing I knew Boo-Bear and friend come in with pancakes, scrambled eggs and juice in a wine glass. All laid out nicely on a tray. They told me they would do dishes. I just had to lay in bed and get well. Did I mention before how much I love my kiddos getting older??! The hubby called and I got to talk to him while enjoying my breakfast. I got up to come in here to the computer and they were in the hallway mopping the whole house! They've got laundry going and the kitchen is spic n' span. Did I mention how much I ADORE my kiddos growing up???!!! I think I'm just gonna hide out here and let them loose to clean my house and feed me all day long.
life is good people, real good.
Update: I just checked on the girls to see if they were washing windows yet and it seems they've lost all momentum. They are back in the room with thier feet up and watching a movie. The rugs that they moved to mop are all in a heap and some of the dishes are "soaking". I spoke to "Self" again and told her "self! We're no longer allowed to feel sick. Now get your lazy, albeit cute, tushy up and put the rugs back!!" Self just roller her eyes and went to sit on the computer. Someone needs to whip Self back into shape!! Capt, oh to do the honors??? heeheehee (insert flirty giggles)


QuiltingFitzy said...

Give each of the girls a little
hug for me, that was very sweet.

And for you?


(just kidding, feel better soon!)

AVIDINHA said...

you called them crumb snatchers.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Go back to bed! The captain isn't home, who's going to see!!
Hey-I have actually done Pilates twice, there are really stomach muscles in there-I know because they are hurting me!!! Tracey