Friday, June 22, 2007

Update on my life...SIGH

So in the past two days I've hit a little old Korean lady, my phone line went bust and our computer got a virus and we lost the whole kit and kaboodle. Wait, I'm not done with all my happiness and joy...I've been to see lawyers, had a General inquire as to the status of my troubles, had two Colonels and a Capt pick me up in a car and take me to a hospital to see the family of the Korean lady and I had to go to two police stations. I now know everything there is to know about what happens to you when you get in an accident involving a pedestrian in another country. Did I mention that my husband is a zillion miles away lolling about in a private hotel room. DID I!!!??? HUH??!!! DID YOU ALL KNOW THAT AND UNDERSTAND THE EXTENT OF MY STRESS???????????????????????????????????????????? So what does one do when they are faced with the events of the last two days. Well if you are the daughter of my mother you tell yourself...."Self, get up and get this dealt with!!! You come from hardy stock and there will be no laying about in bed with a box of tissue and a gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream!!! Remember you are your mothers daughter and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!!!!!!" Plus I figured that the Capt would be highly impressed with my being able to handle things and it would get me many kisses on his return. :) Always thinking!!!

Seriously, the little Korean grandmother is doing fine. She is still in ICU and had to undergo surgery but her family was extremely kind to me when I met with them yesterday. The Korean people have proved to me time and time again that they are full of grace and patience. The daughter even told me that they were worried about how I was feeling. There is a lesson there I tell you!! I told her how badly I felt that this happened and she was just wonderful. Of course I had her hand in a death grip and I was shaking and yelling "PLEASE DON'T HATE ME!!!" I am a people pleaser to the end. :) Also, the Capt is an Air Force man and we are on an Army post with all the Army people handling this. They have gone above and beyond trying to help me and explain every process. As soon as I say my husband is away they dig right in and help. It just goes to show people that when one of their own is in trouble you don't worry about who is with what branch of service you just roll up your sleeves and help. There have also been, what I like to call, Movers and Shakers from the Capts job that have come and helped me deal with this. I have never been so proud to be a part of this military family. At no time was I alone. My kiddos even jumped in. I get all teary and tingly when I think about it. Last night after everything was said and done my middle daughter came to sit beside the couch where I was laying down and rubbed my back. That's the last thing I remember til this morning. I slept like a baby. And let's not forget Walker Jen and Rob. When I got back to Walker Jen's house after I had to go and meet with the family (Walker Rob came with so I would not feel so alone) I had a piece of cheesecake waiting for me with the best iced coffee I have ever had. She sat and listened to me ramble for a good while, just quietly giving me support. She even invited us over for dinner the night before so I wouldn't be alone. Even our gorgeous Paige from the 4th floor has been there. We are going up to her place tonight for taco's and some wine and today she came by with some Godiva. Can I tell you that I just love friends! They are the back bone to us spouses when hard times hit and our hubby's are away. Thank you to all my Internet buddies who have sent words of support and prayers and good thoughts. You guys are the bestest!!!

I think everything is going to be okay. My part in it is pretty much done. In Korea there is no 100% fault. Yes she ran out in front of me but I am the one with the insurance so I will be the one to pay. I gotta tell you I feel so bad I don't even care. My insurance has contacted the family and she will be well taken care of...something I am really happy with.
The phone will be fixed tomorrow and as you can see my Internet is up and running. The hubby and I have been in contact about 40 times a day. It's hard for my Capt to not be here taking care of things and being in control of the situation. If he is anything he is a buffer from all the nastiness out there for me and our kiddos. Sorry about the long thoughts are all over the place today. But we are good here. I'm just thankful it wasn't worse and that everyone is okay and my girls are sleeping well with no nightmares. :)

Oh, Walker Jen's mom is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even get to tag along a bit. This next week should be a lot of long as Walker Jen does the driving!!!

I'm off to tacos!! Bye everyone!!

(drive safe)


Lauren The Artist said...

I'm glad you got the internet back. I'm glad you're on the down-hill of the "saga of 2007" and I'm very glad beloved hubby will be home in way less than 2 months. Enjoy the tacos!! I'm glad we could help, any time, any time.


Jenna said...

So sorry about all that's happened. I wish I were there to give you a great big hug!! So, wrap your arms around yourself and that hug is from me!=) Please take care of yourself and know that I'm thinking of you!! If you make it up to Osan, you BETTER BE CALLING ME!! Since I'm like only 20 minutes away!

Much love to you girlfriend!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Oh, you poor darling, I have been regularly calling in for an update and am glad to hear that you are getting lots of help and support! Also a little part of me is quite pleased about the choc and cheesecake because i have had a mental month where chocolate has really helped and I am thinking maybe re-schedule our official start to beginning of July? What's the feel? LOL Tracey

Darlene said...

When life hands us a challenge - major or minor it's nice to be surrounded by friends. The military life is like one big family and it's nice to have "family" around, too. :-)

Unknown said...

I am so sorry about all that has happened. It sounds like it was something that you could not avoid. You would not be a good person if you did not feel bad! I am also happy that the woman's family was kind to you. They must be good people too.

Get some good chick flicks, munchies, and a sewing project some day soon! You deserve a quiet day!

Patti said...

Oh Dawn, what a terrible time you've been having. I'm so sorry you had to go through this. I think hitting someone with our cara is one of the biggest rears we have when we drive. I'm so glad she is going to be fine. And so very thankful you had the support of so manhy good friends. Youre capt'n can't come home soon enough!

Anonymous said...

Dawn...hugs and hugs and hugs...I do understand some of what this meant as you were walking through it. My son is a missionary, he got into an "accident" (a taxi driver T boned him) and they locked my son up for 12 hrs. He needed meds (heart condition) and other things but was not allowed anything! It was a good thing he called his support staff ASAP before the police got there, they took his phone, drivers license and etc away from him. His attny arrived and he was freed, but man oh man...getting into an accident in a foreign country is NOT a good thing!!!


Ms. Jan said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are getting better for the lady and for you as well. I'd be pretty darned shook up in your situation (like you are), and without my hubby around....well, I can't imagine!! Hang in there!