Sunday, June 17, 2007

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This is the quilt I made for our Sal. He was The Sons best friend for a whole year. Sal and his family moved back to the States. We are still in mourning here at Chez' Owens. I got the pattern from Bonnie over at Quiltville Custom Quilting. You can see a bunch of her stuff here....
She is such a great quilter and has set up a website so other quilters can download free patterns. Just make sure if you use any of her stuff you link back to her site. Must give credit where credit is due. :)
So thanks Bonnie for the pattern!! Sal loved it! There is nothing in the world a quilter loves more then to see tears in the eyes of a big strong guy when we present him with one of our "heart gifts".
Have a great Sunday everyone! We are off to church and then I am taking the kiddos downtown to have some pictures made.

update: I just looked at the photo again and see the blocks in the lower right corner?? Umm.....I meant to do that. Yeah.
I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made this quilt a month ago and checked it about 50 times to make sure it was perfect!!!! Why oh why do I see that mistake now?? AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to just say that I was going for the old quilters adage that only God makes perfect things and as a quilter I should make a small mistake in the quilt.


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I love it as well, you did so well, just turned one little block upside down as on ode to the Amish-that'd be my story!
Looks like that quarter inch foot may be getting a run as well, they are somw good looking points!) do you wonder how you sewed without it? I know I did! Tracey

Lauren The Artist said...

That looks AWESOME. I love the scrappy-planned look. The reds would look great in my living room... Great work!!


Unknown said...

You are allowed to make mistake, but I didn´t see it until you mentioned it, the quilt is beautiful, good work done there.

QuiltingFitzy said...

It's beautiful!!

You didn't make that corner with any less love, so forgetaboutit!