Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Newsy stuff

I've got loads going on this week. I am working all of this week and part of next. It's easy stuff since school will be out in just a couple of days. Yesterday was a lot of fun. I had the older kids. Some days they are easy and some days not so much. One kid kept falling asleep. I almost asked him if he was on something. SIGH! I would just call out his name every couple of minutes and send him to get a drink of water. Today I'm the sub for the same teacher. It's a psychology class/world studies. I've read all the magazines in his book case. If anyone needs a shrink I'm your girl!! Tomorrow I've got the little ones. It's their end of year field day. It should be a blast!! Then Thursday I put on my RN cap and save the school from any and all catastrophe's. :)
Oops...running late now. Sorry this wasn't more exciting!! I'll look around for some great story today!
Have a great day everyone!!