Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Confession...ssshhhhhhhh

I am thinking about having an affair. There. I said it. Yes I did. I have been lonely to long. I met a man a long time ago..his name was B. Enandjerrys. He was so exotic. He was my heart song. The air that I breath. The wind beneath my wings. Here...see his picture..

Who can resist him???? Not I, I say! Not I! He made promises to me....



I am trying to resist him!!!! My mind is screaming, "Think about the Capt!!" My abs are yelling..."WE WANT TO LOOK LIKE JESSICA ALBA!!" But my traitorous lips are saying......"yummy!!!"
This is all the fault of my husband! Yes Kareem! You!!! If you were here right now I could be faithful, my vows not tested nearly beyond my endurance.
SIGH!!! What's a woman to do??


Anonymous said...

Lady, you are too funny. I do not think that kind of affair would be called adultery so go on.....I know that is what I would be doing!!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Honey, he may be two-timing ya, lol.

You are too funny.

Darlene said...

I'm telling the Capt on you! No, really I am.


Shelina said...

I have a feeling he has more than a million women on the side. But I'm sure you are his number one!

Jodi said...


I say go for it! Who can resist passion AND decadence?