Monday, September 29, 2008


My husband, the love of my life, the father of my chil-ren, the cheese to my macaroni...has a serious problem. He refuses to let me read any of his books before he's had a chance to read them. Hmph. It, of course, makes me mad and also makes me want to read them even more. Now I can see you out there scratching your head in wonder. Why won't he let her read his books you are saying to yourself. I will tell you. In 7th grade one of our required classes was a speed reading class. I have loved to read ever since, well, ever since I can remember. If you take a girl who loves to read and couple that with a speed reading class you get a fast reader. With no back patting and no boastfulness abounding I say with all honesty....I read fast. It is not something I can help. I devour everything written. I love the classics, comics, romances, thrillers, books about dogs, cats, men, women, men and women who wish they were women and men. You name it, I love to read about it. I read Steven Kings The Stand in a day. Yeah. I am a freak of nature. Now the hubby loves this about me but absolutely refuses to let me read a book of his. He hates....Hates!! it that I can read a book in under two hours that takes him a couple of days. He is a night-time-before-bed reader. He likes to read a chapter and then go to sleep. Me?? No. I cannot put a book down once it has me. As I read it's like a movie playing in my head and I can tune everything out and even forget where I am. Laughing out loud is a given. Sometimes when I am reading in bed I try to hold in my laughter and it makes the bed shake and then the Capt wakes up and gives me The Look.

Why have I told you this?? Cause we are fighting over a book. A Robert Parker book. He is one of my favorites!!!!!! He makes me laugh. I luuuuuuuuuvs him! The hubby checked out the book yesterday while we were at the library. I checked out three books and have read them already. (remember...freak) I was looking for something to read after church today when I saw his book. He felt a disturbance in the force and looked over at me...catching me looking at "The Book". We both made a mad dash for it. He won. A very childish wrestling over "The Book" commenced. I lost. I have tried to get at that book all day long. He has been carrying it around with him and sitting with it in his lap. I am not amused. He is. I am determined to read the book. I plan on waiting for him to fall asleep tonight and then I am going to sneak downstairs. I am going to make a cup of tea and maybe a small bowl of pretzels. Then I am going to READ THAT BOOK!!!

If that doesn't work then I am going to withhold sesssssual relations! That'll fix im!


Mary Johnson said...

We don't fight over books since Keith doesn't read all that much (he prefers the newspaper and magazines) BUT I'm like you - I read A LOT and I read fast.

I have a hard time keeping my Shelfari bookshelf updated since I'm always reading and with the blog, people are always writing and recommending books.

I hope you manage to steal the book away and have it read before he knows it's gone.

Lauren The Artist said...

You sneaky rascal. =)

Sweet P said...

Did you get to read the book? I don't read as much as I used to, but when I do I like biographies, historical books and quilt books.

Anonymous said...

Totally with you on this...hate it! I sometimes have to wait a week before I get a book that he has checked out ~ even if he has 2-3 books on reserve I still don't get read them first!

Cutting him off might, I am unwilling to give up - you-know-what just to read a book.

Speed Readers R Us!


Jodi said...


I hope he gave in and gave you the book before you had to withhold anything. :)

Chocolate Cat said...

So did you read the book before the 'Capt'n'?????? I get very grumpy if someone trys to read my newspaper, magazine or book before me!! I have even been known to hide some when family are visiting!!

My Thanh said...

I, too, love to read books straight through. Reading a little at a time is like watching part of a movie. Don't you want to know how it ends?

My husband isn't a book person, though, I haven't had any problems there.

But I do have trouble finding time to read. My pesky kids have this pressing need for my attention. Everytime they see me lying down with a book, they sense weakness and go in for the attack. And once I have them in bed for the night, my husband wants me to pay attention to him. These men of mine are so needy!