Friday, September 19, 2008

Welcome to my home!

Okay, I finally stopped being lazy and worried that you would all think I'm messy. I found the camera and took some pictures of our new home. Come on in for the big tour. :) This is what base housing looks like for us here.
First up is the Room Of Greatness....I love this room. It's small but cozy. I can go in there and sit on my couch while I read some of the 5 gazillion quilt books I have. I can create something magical on the ole' Juki or I can look out the window and watch Boo Bear play.

This is what you will see when you walk in the front door.
Here is our living room/ dining room. See the Simplify sign?? I found that while staying with the Rents' this summer and love love love it!!
This is my small little kitchen. I'm not complaining cause I have a kitchen window! I can see our back patio...which is about the same size as the kitchen...but more importantly I will be able to look out there this spring, while I am doing dishes, and enjoy all the flower boxes I am going to fill with wonderful things. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
This is just another view into the living room. Oh, and my cats butt. heehee
Here is what I like to call our Mudd Room. It is the back door area. I keep the drink fridge out there and some other odds and ends I couldn't find a home for.

Now we are upstairs in Boo-Bears room. See the cute chair?? Yep, found at a wonderful little discount store for only $20!
She wanted to make sure you all got a look at the corner cabinet that she painted....on her own....I think she forgot all the complaining she did while she was doing it. That's my girl!
This is the Middle Daughters room. It is all purples and black. She is slowly finding black and white prints that are "room worthy". She enjoys shopping like any good girlfriend does.
This is my room. Ignore the curtain panel hanging there and not pulled back. I lost the tie back somewhere but decided to take the picture anyway. I made the duvet cover and the pillows while in Korea. I wanted a room that was soothing. A place to lie your head at night and sigh to yourself thinking "oh yeah, this is just right."
Here is one of the IKEA purchases. It's the Capt's and I love love love it!! It stores all of his stuff. I can just keep the doors shut and he can be as messy as he wants to be. :) IKEA is the stuff that makes a marriage happy if you ask me! I would've taken a picture of The Sons room but then you would've wondered where it all went so wrong. He is going to be 19 this Sunday and has definite ideas as to what clean is...his clean not mine. I just shut the door and then happiness rains in my heart once more.
Hope you enjoyed the tour!! Coffee is always on so stop on by if you're in the area!


Lauren The Artist said...

Love it. I must go to IKEA now! ~jen~

Leigh said...

I am going to IKEA in about 2 weeks. I already have my shopping list! Wish I was close enough to drop in for coffee!

Shasta Matova said...

You have a nice place - your kitchen is as big as mine!

Jodi said...

It is all cute!

I miss "apartment style" kitchens since we moved into this house. Our kitchen is about 4 steps down from a frat house kitchen. Yup, that bad.

Granny said...

You've done great getting things organized and put away!

Anonymous said...

You are your Mother's daughter. Very cute! Glad you are back in the good old USA!

Anonymous said... have certainly put it all together in record time.

buffi said...

Looks so great! When we lived in base housing I couldn't do anything to keep it from looking so...institutional. I should have called you!

Chocolate Cat said...

Thank you for sharing your home!! I love the 'Simplify' sign too!!!

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh and I'm on my way for coffee!!! - I wish!

Jenna said...

Cute, cute house!!

My Thanh said...

Great job!

Sweet P said...

Thanks for the tour. I remember living in Navy housing. It was always tough to make it feel homey. Your home is definitely homey and I would never know it was military housing. I'll be bye for coffee later.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Loved the tour, is your girl into the Jo Bros as well, looks like them on the wall, we love them here,- oh to be a teenager again! Over in a minute for a coffee and we can discuss which we prefer! Tracey