Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WHY LORD?!?!?! WHY!!!!

The hubby is away this week and I am a very big believer in the whole "while the cats away the mouse will play". I had plans people! Big plans!! I was gonna go shopping...and watch a couple of movies...and sit at Barnes and Noble whiling the day away reading books for free while sipping a coffee made oh so right. Has any of this happened?? No. Why you ask?? That darned storm that blew in here on Sunday and took out a whole lotta power everywhere. Even. The. Girls. School.

Yeah. Heh.

My girls had Monday off....then Tuesday was a half day...then last night I get a call saying that school has been cancelled for today. Since it was a recording there was no one to hear my whimper of defeat.

Another day of my girls waaaanting to do something with me. Waaaaaaaanting to talk to me. Even waaaaaanting to go walking with me in the morning. Did we not get enough together time during the summer of the big move????? I needed this week. I waaaanted to see The Women. What about my coffee made oh so right while I whiled the day away reading books for free?? Sniff. The hubby will be home soon and he will want to be all large and in charge again. Sniiiiiiiiiiiiiif He will not want to see The Women. He gets bored after a half an hour at Barnes and Noble...who gets bored at Barnes and Noble I ask you?!?!???!?

Stoopid Ike.


Shasta Matova said...

Our schools are closed here too. There are still some places without electricity, and I think it might have something to do with the delivery of the food to all the places as well, because otherwise I don't know why the entire school system is shut down.

Mary Johnson said...

I could spend all day in B&N too but if I'm with Keith or even my Mom, I have to promise them I'll just run in and spend no more than 15-20 minutes. I much prefer going by myself.

Leigh said...

Breath.........You are being tested for a reason..I'm not sure why, but it sounded good. AH! It is because when you do spend all day at B/N, it will be glorious and when you sit down at the movies to see The Women, the popcorn will have just been popped, the soda mixed just right and the movie will be AWESOME! (Bring some tissue! Ya-Ya!!)

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh my things are grim aren't they??? Maybe I should of come on by and my kids could entertain yours and you and I could of disappeared for a while and drunk coffee to our hearts content!! How's that for a plan???

Sweet P said...

You mean to tell me you could sit in a B&N and read and not buy any books???

I went there today to apply for a job and had to browse through the 75% off shelves. I found a pregnancy journal for my DIL (who is 8 weeks pregnant), From Your Grandfather (a memory book that I'm going to adapt for both DH and I) and a Cookie Gift Set with a cookie cookbook and a silicone baking sheet. With the additional 10% off I paid practically nothing for the books.